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Read the top five news stories for this Friday, April 15, 2022

Great Procession of Badajoz. / ARNELAS JV

Review the latest news for this Friday, April 15, 2022. Learn about the most important news from Extremadura, Spain and the rest of the world at A brief summary of the day in five news to be informed

A 74-year-old man dies and his grandson is seriously injured in a fire in Castilblanco

A 74-year-old man has died and a minor, grandson of the deceased, has been seriously injured in a fire in a house in the Badajoz municipality of Castilblanco. The boy is 7 years old and has burned more than 10% of his body surface, according to reports from 112 Extremadura. In principle, he has been transferred to the Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena hospital, although the possibility of admitting him to the Major Burns Unit in Madrid is being considered.

Shock among Badajoz photographers over the death of their partner in Soledad

The death of Jorge Luis Fernández, 49, due to a heart attack when this Holy Thursday he was waiting for the processions in the Plaza de la Soledad has shocked the photographers of Badajoz, who present him as a great fan of photography with a character affable and always willing to “team up”. He was married and had two daughters, the funeral will be this Saturday at 10 am. Born in León, he moved to Badajoz years ago for professional reasons.

The municipal person responsible for purchasing Luceño: “We have been scammed for sure”

Elena Collado, the Madrid City Council official in charge of buying masks that has turned out to be a scam with millions of dollars in commissions, stated before the Anti-Corruption prosecutor that “everyone” in the consistory felt “betrayed” for it and that if “he had heard the word commission, he would have immediately brought it to the attention of the police.”

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A powerful explosion sinks the Russian flagship in the Black Sea

The image of one of the explosions that shook the turret and the deck of the Russian ship ‘Moskvá’ (Moscow), the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, circulates on social networks, obtained by a Turkish ship that was in the vicinity. The deflagration that the images show is very strong, to the point that the jewel in the crown ended up sinking. The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the cruise ship sank “while it was being towed in a stormy sea”, predictably towards the port of Sevastopol, in Crimea.

The Magna Procession shines on a splendid Good Friday in Badajoz

Five years later, the Santo Entierro Magno took to the streets of the Old Town of Badajoz on a day of radiant sunshine and eagerness for Holy Week. The people of Badajoz waited for the formation of the steps before five in the afternoon, the time at which the Holy Burial Guide Cross was scheduled to leave. The procession of San Agustín is the organizer of the procession that shows the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ in twelve steps. La Borriquita opened the procession and Our Lady of Tears closed it.

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