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Read the top five news stories for this Saturday, April 30, 2022


Review the latest news for this April 30, 2022. Learn about the most important news from Extremadura, Spain and the rest of the world at HOY.es. A brief summary of the day in five news to be informed

The war revives nuclear energy in Extremadura

Extremadura has gone from calling demonstrations against nuclear power plants to asking them to continue operating, the last time with a mobilization in March 2019 promoted by the Life Citizen Platform, which asked for ten more years of life for the Almaraz plant (1,800 inhabitants, Cáceres ). Fifteen days later, an expiration date was set for the installation, 2028, a year and a half less than what was claimed by this discourse group opposed to the antinuclear groups, who for decades have been asking to close a way of producing electrical energy that they do not consider safe.

Benzema signs the epilogue of a sung alirón

Everything pointed to La Cibeles, goddess of the Earth, fertility or rebirth. Spring afternoon, an excellent winner like Rafa Nadal in the honorary kick-off and haranguing the meringues in a place as mystical as the locker room tunnel, a full stage and even a friendly rival opposite who did not put up any opposition in a day of white glove . Not even the news in the run-up to the death of Mino Raiola, the agent of the desired Erling Haaland, could cast a shadow over the celebrations for Real Madrid’s 35th title in the regular tournament, the first four days from the final since the fifth in a row won for the fifth of the Vulture in 1990, with the Welshman John Toshack on the bench. What a good times!

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Fucking Perera hand in hand with Ferrera in the Maestranza

The Extremaduran right-hander Miguel Ángel Perera has suffered a fight this Saturday in his hand in hand with Antonio Ferrera in La Maestranza. The one from Puebla del Prior was taken by Buenacara, the last bull of the sixth subscription of the April Fair in Seville. Perera, knowing that there were options, offered the public his third bull and the last one of the afternoon. Without probaturas, he began to fight with temper from the beginning. By the left python, the bull throws it to the ground and catches it in a dramatic way. On top of the pythons, he feared the worst. A hole can be seen in the suit at the height of the lower back, at the height of the sash, but Perera wanted to finish off his work.

Badajoz was today the hottest municipality in Spain, touching 31 degrees

Extremadura says goodbye to the month of April with heat. Badajoz led this Saturday the ranking of the hottest Spanish towns. According to data collected by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the capital of Badajoz recorded the highest temperature in the entire country: 30.8 degrees at 5:50 p.m., followed by the Valencian town of Xàtiva (30º). In third position was the weather station located at the Badajoz airport, with a value of 29.6. In addition, Don Benito also entered the list of ten municipalities with the highest temperatures this April 30, in sixth position with 29.3 degrees; and Mérida and Olivenza, with 29 and 28.8 degrees, respectively (ninth and tenth place).

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A dog kills its owner in Castellón

The Civil Guard is investigating the death of a man in the Castellón town of Nules, apparently due to bruises and bites caused by his large dog, sources from the investigation have confirmed to Europa Press. The events have occurred during Last Friday night at the victim’s home, whose age has not been disclosed, when, apparently, the dog began to attack him, for reasons that are unknown until now, until it finally ended his life.


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