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Read this before installing solar panels in your house. You will appreciate it.

The solar boards generate more and more interest among a population aware of caring for the planet. Energy has a strong presence in our daily lives and its economic and environmental impact on our surroundings make no one doubt the importance of energy. use of renewable energy sources, with the solar at the head. Especially living as we live in Spain, “the country of the sun”, a privileged territory with 1700 hours of sunshine a year.

By installing solar panels, the generation of renewable energy is multiplied. By transforming the roofs of homes and companies, it is possible to go from 39% of current renewable electricity production to 81% in Spain. By promoting solar energy, we will be closer and closer to a world that works 100% with green energy. In addition, saving in energy transport avoids losses and makes the entire process more efficient, allowing this saving to be transferred to the users’ electricity bill.

Towards a new model of energy self-consumption

Solar energy companies promote the self-consumption and the implementation of solar boards so that each home can produce its own electricity. Proposals like those of Hello, Luz place the user at the center of their decisions and build a long-term relationship with them based on confidence, a pact between customers, the company and the planet. Your value proposition speaks of 100% green energy and savings between 10% and 20% of the electricity bill thanks to the intensive use of technology and data.

According to its co-founder and CEO, Carlota Pi, its commitment to the implementation of solar panels seeks “Connect people to green energy”. Its offer includes the installation and management of the panels so that, enjoying savings on the invoice from the first day, the installation is self-financing without the client having to put a euro out of their pocket.

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Roofs that change the world

Alicante residents who want to help make the planet a cleaner and more sustainable place, while also saving money, now have it easy. They just have to go to the call of #TheRevolutionOfTheRoofs is a movement capable of changing the world and that seeks to transform the maximum possible number of square meters of underused rooftops into green energy for 40 million people. Holaluz takes care of the installation of the solar panels with no initial outlay for the owners, manages their energy production and, in return, offers a fixed monthly discount on your bill of light from the first month. With personalized and total attention flexibility, They finance the panels in up to 15 years and make your life easier with a single invoice that includes the financing fee for the solar panels and the monthly electricity consumption.

Roofs to change the world

The proposal also pursues energy efficiency, since surplus energy is purchased from some customers to supply others. In other words, the more square meters of roof that are added to the Revolution, the more green energy is consumed and the more CO2 the planet is saved.

Whether you live in a community of neighbors or in a private house, the installation of solar panels is very simple. Wherever you live, find out what it would be your personalized quota. More than 5,300 roofs throughout Spain have already joined the green revolution with which you save your pocket and also the planet.

Everything you need to know about plates and solar energy to save money at home

Here we solve some possible doubts on the subject. If you want to know more, you can consult the webinar solar by Holaluz.

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what is the photovoltaic energy?

It is a renewable energy source that produces electricity from solar radiation. When exposed to solar radiation, photovoltaic modules are excited and create electricity. Today it is considered the cheapest source of electricity and the one with the greatest potential in the coming years. In the last 15, the efficiency of solar panels has multiplied by 1.5. In other words, we can now extract 1.5 times more energy from the same plate.

The solar energy is one of the easiest to produce and has numerous advantages. It is very adaptable, it is ecological and, unlike others, it does not generate emissions. Contributes to sustainable development and reduces the use of fossil fuels. In addition, it can be stored to transform it into electricity on demand and even take advantage of surpluses.

What does a solar installation include?

To have an energy self-consumption system, one or more solar panels and an inverter from direct current to alternating current are necessary with a cable connected to the photovoltaic panels.

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. But that electricity is incompatible with the one used in homes, 220V in alternating current. The electricity of the plates is of direct current and of an unstable voltage. Therefore, to connect the plates to the electrical installation, an inverter is required, which adapts at all times and almost instantaneously to the weather conditions and extracts the maximum amount of energy possible from the solar panels.

The installation also incorporates a circuit breaker and a differential for total safety.

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How much does a solar panel weigh?

Each plate weighs about 20 kilograms.

Is it legal to put solar panels on the roof?

Of course. It has always been legal to install solar panels, but now with the current regulation (Royal Decree 244/2019 on self-consumption), it is much easier, since administrative procedures have been significantly reduced and economic barriers have been eliminated, such as the obligation to install a generation meter for an individual installation or the so-called “sun tax”.

In addition, the new regulation allows to take advantage of the surplus energy in a simple way, reducing the amortization times of the cost of the installation.

Is it profitable to install solar panels at home?

Solar panels revalue the home and offer monthly savings on the electricity bill. They are an investment that can be amortized in the first 7 to 10 years, although it will depend on the type and size of the installation. The plates, for their part, have a life time of 25 to 30 years.

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