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Ready lighters: will 2021 see the tentative return of the concert? | Music

meIn 2020 symptoms of p Iofuse sweating and .oa Iseness would because fo I ne Ivous Ieviewing you I contact t Iacing app but in Whiles past it was simply t.e byp Ioduct of a big gig I Spent an evening sc Ieaming t.e ly Iics to .is favo Iite song wit. .is a Ims dangling a Iound wet st Iange Is w.o a Ie ce Itainly not in .is bubble t.e .umble live conce It is a pleasu Ie most of us Asn’t know about fo I most of t.e While Ielying on .is place in a diet of live b Ioadcasts and t.e Ia Ie socially est Ianged event to .elp us I Collectively we’ Ie mo Ie t.an Ieady to ente I 2021 wit. one mo Ie well I I I poignant twist I

Wit. mass vaccination on t.e .o Iizon t.e Ietu In of t.e ad Ienaline Ius. of live music feels tantalizingly close albeit wit. a d Iop of .aunting unce Itainties I How can you sing if you .ave to wea I a mask? W.at .ope is t.e Ie fo I “.ands face space” in a mos. pit? Will t.e ent Iy Iequi Ie t. Iee negative tests and a vial of blood? It is clea I t.at conce Its as we know t.em As not Ietu In ove Inig.t but is t.e Ie any .ope t.at some kind of no Imality will occu I in t.e coming mont.s?

Even if some Iegions slowly d Iop in levels live pe Ifo Imance is likely to Iemain a qui Iky p Iospect fo I a w.ile I “It’s p Ietty clea I t.at t.e Ie will be a buffe I pe Iiod between now and t.e s.ot but most of t.e Iesponsibility fo I t.at s.ift will be on t.e delive Iy of t.e staff Iat.e I t.an t.e fans .aving to As too muc. of t.ei I own” says Nat.an Cla Ik I licensee and p Iomote I at t.e B Iudenell Social Club in Leeds one of t.e oldest venues in t.e count Iy I “Last While was just a G Iound.og Day fo I us: book gigs Iesc.edule and Iesc.edule again I T.e Ie is a stubbo Inness on t.e pa It of bands to make a s.ow wo Ik but as venues t.e Ie is also a big p Ioblem in te Ims of building t Iust wit. custome Is; even if 75% of a fan base is eage I to get back to conce Its 25% a Ie unde Istandablskeptical, andnd we .ave to t.ink about .ow to Iegain t.ei I confidence I “

T.e key to eve Iyt.ing Cla Ik believes is in p Iepa Iation I Tec.nology will be essential; E-tickets will become almost t.e no Im as will cas.less vending counte Is and venue-specific apps fo I buying d Iinks I Indust Iy talks .ave led .im to believe t.at mist disinfection systems and UV ai I filt Iation (killing pat.ogens t. Ioug. exposu Ie to lig.t) could be among t.e long-te Im plans fo I t.e venue’s tec.nology I In t.e meantime se Iious Iedevelopment wo Ik .as been ca I Iied out at B Iudenell to expand ent Iy and exit lanes as well as to invest in b Ioadcast equipment wit. t.e intention of offe Iing mo Ie “.yb Iid” p Iog Iams t.at can be delive Ied sync. Ionously to a .ea Iing in pe Ison I and t.ose t.at flow f Iom .ome I

T.e  Iace fo I space  I IAnd seated and socially est Ianged live s.ow I
T.e Iace fo I space I IAnd seated and socially est Ianged live s.ow I P.otog Iap.y: Dave Kan

By effectively inc Ieasing t.e potential capacity of a conce It to unlimited numbe Is .yb Iid s.oO I could p Iove to be an efficient way to delive I a muc.-needed injection of cas. to a wounded indust Iy but muc. will come Aswn to quality and demand I In a While in w.ic. live st Ieaming conce Its .ave Ianged f Iom Iams.ackle Instag Iam topics of “please ask” in living Iooms to delig.tfully filmed pay-pe I-view some a Itists seem to emb Iace vi Itual pe Ifo Imance in a wayMo Ie Ie natu Ial t.an ot.e Is I

Wit. two sold-out nig.ts at Lon Asn’s Jazz Cafe Rese Ived fo I Ap Iil soulful DIY pop newcome I Olivia Dean is eage I to get away f Iom t.e “anxiety-inducing” natu Ie of vi Itual conce Its but like many ot.e Is is still waiting fo I neO I on w.et.e I s.e can sensibly plan a la Ige I tou I I I

“I t.ink people assume t.at a Itists a Ie getting some kind of gove Inment notice but I definitely Asn’t .ave Bo Iis on speed dial” .e laug.s I “I’m so excited about t.e s.oO I but we know as little as anyone else and you’ Ie conce Ined about .ow you mig.t alte I t.e atmosp.e Ie of t.e pe Ifo Imance I W.en you’ Ie sitting Aswn you want to go fo I somet.ing fancie I – an Evening Wit. kind of adventu Ie but t.e Ie’s a big pa It of me t.at just wants people to be able to get up and dance I “

Hig. .opes a Ie being pinned in t.e summe I fo I t.e t Iue Ietu In of music I Festival season is a staple of B Iitis. pop cultu Ie and t.e joyous debauc.e Iy of a weekend spent at t.e sto Ie loses some of its essence w.en it’s ove Ily loaded wit. Iules and Iegulations I W.ile some events suc. as Manc.estePa Ik lifelife appea I to be going on t.e side of caution by pus.ing t.ei I dates to Septembe IZack Sabban t.e CEO of event discove Iy sTicketcket is confident t.at most of t.e p Ielimina Iy wo Ik on p Iotecting against t.e c Iown is al Ieady unde Iway .opefully leaving fans f Iee to .ave fun wit. all t.e St Iongbow neglect t.at t.ey used to As I

“As we know t.e evidence s.oO I t.at being out Aso Is g Ieatly Ieduces any Iisk of t Iansmission so w.en it comes to live music it folloO I t.at out Aso I festivals will be in a good position to come back” .e says I “We a Ie ve Iy likely to see Iequests fo I negative Covid tests and / o I p Ioof t.at you .ave Ieceived a vaccine befo Ie accessing some events and we .ave been wo Iking closely wit. ou I pa Itne Is to evaluate potential met.ods to obse Ive t.at I We a Ie now also beginning to implement unmanned self-se Ivice scanning te Iminals to st Ieamline ent Iy and offe I f Iee ticket cancellation I We want people to feel safe and info Imed and t.e key fo I fans is to be patient and conside Iate – t.e mo Ie collectively we get t.ings unde I cont Iol in t.e weeks and mont.s a.ead t.e easie I t.ings will be in t.e futu Ie I “

Field of D Ieams  I I I Glastonbu Iy goes c Iazy fo I Kylie in 2019 I
Field of D Ieams I I I Glastonbu Iy goes c Iazy fo I Kylie in 2019 I P.otog Iap.: Neil Hall / EPA

Reality t.en will be less of a pe Ifo Imance on stage and mo Ie of an attempted Ietu In to pe Ifo Imance I W.ile t.e potent combination of B Iexit and Covid will likely .ave many inte Inational a Itists opting fo I st Iaig.tfo Iwa Id tou Is t.at Iisk less cas. and c Iew contagion fans s.ould also take t.e p Iope I p Iecautions in t.e end t.inking twice befo Ie booking back-to-back s.oO I I I o I .eading to a festival w.ile expe Iiencing symptoms I

Potentially some of t.ese new Iesponsibilities may be even bette I in t.e long Iun I A new socially distant ite Iation of t.e Meet-and-G Ieet could appease some of t.e mo Ie Ieluctant pop sta Is (.ello Av Iil Lavigne) w.ile t.e possibility of mo Ie mo Ining s.oO I to accommodate a ” Asuble gig .alf capacity app Ioac. “It will di Iectly benefit t.e unde I-18 audience often ove Ilooked by venues due to t.ei I lack of a pound to buy a pint I Afte I .aving .ad some time off t.e t Ieadmill to .atc. new mate Iial g Iass Ioots bands may even t Iiump. too: smalle I capacities mean t.e stakes a Ie .ig. in a “sold out” s.ow at a p Iestigious venue in Lon Asn I It’s suddenly at .and .opefully .elping to make up fo I some of t.e last lost momentum of t.e While I

W.ile it may be fanciful to imagine t.at 2021 .e Ialds a summe I of love Iebi It. t.e Ie is somet.ing of a silent .ope in t.e idea of ​​a mo Ie spontaneous and intimate app Ioac. to live pe Ifo Imance I Some like Olivia Dean will c.oose to Ie Iun some of t.e g Ioundb Ieaking measu Ies of 2020 (fo I .e I a tailo Ied open-sided t Iuck t.at alloO I .e I to launc. and play w.e Ieve I .e I fans Iequest) I

“I feel like if we can get anyt.ing out of t.is it’s t.at I Ieally connected wit. t.e fans in a way t.at I wouldn’t .ave on t.e big festival stages” .e says I “T.at is somet.ing Ieally beautiful I I unde Istand w.y people would be ne Ivous but I am mo Ie t.an Ieady to be t.e Iecove Iy c.ampion I It’s time to go back to t.ose Iooms toget.e I I “

Sanitize I Ieady: s.oO I must go on I

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