Tuesday, October 19

Real Madrid and Cacho are studying to sue Eufemiano Fuentes for his insinuations of doping

  • The white club is very upset by the statements of the Canarian doctor, who also pointed to the Olympic champion of Barcelona-92

The interview of Jordi Évole with Eufemiano Fuentes has not left the victims impassive of his statements, starting with the Real Madrid, which studies suing the doctor for the suspected doping spilled during the program, according to ‘Jugones’.

When the doctor was asked about his relationship with different clubs in the League, there were answers for everything. When Évole questioned him, for example, about his possible advice to the technicians of the Valencia, the doctor was resounding in his denial, but when asked about the same thing in the Real Madrid, the answer sowed doubt in the air. There was a long silence and a blunt “I’m not going to answer that question.”

The legal services of the white club are already preparing the documentation and they could file the complaint shortly. The Real society, League runner-up in 2003. «I was not a Real doctor, but I advised them in some way. I want to believe that I put My grain of sand in the success of that season.

Chub, “shattered”

When questioned by successes of Barcelona-92, Fuentes appreciated his relationship with athletes. «I was a doctor of equal 15 athletes. The Games are prepared four years from now and the services are paid by the athletes “, he declared. Euphemian, which revealed that on two occasions he met two athletes, one of them Fermín Cacho, gold in the 1,500 meters. «I saw Fermín in a coffee shop and the other in the stands. They asked me Privacy. My satisfaction was doing my job well and getting paid for it, but I’m not going to give names that I didn’t give 15 years ago when I was arrested.

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When Évole asked if helped achieve their success left open the shadow of doping: «If I tell you that I don’t remember, you won’t believe it, but White and bottled». Cacho was shown this Monday «shattered»For the accusations and will meet with his lawyers to decide “Sooner than later” if you sue the Canarian doctor.


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