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Real Madrid continues to grow in Europe by overwhelming Alba

An action from Real Madrid - Alba Berlin.

An action from Real Madrid – Alba Berlin.

Real Madrid achieved a comfortable victory in the Euroleague on Tuesday against Alba Berlin by 91-62, with special prominence from Walter Tavares and Usman Garuba, who were the ones who put the most effort in honoring Anthony Randolph after his serious injury.

It is the tenth Madrid victory in the last eleven matches in the Euroleague, which corrects with note his somewhat hesitant beginning.

Real Madrid and the game came out cold, but he quickly clung to the energy and points of Usman Garuba against a correct Alba Berlin who did the same with Johannes Thiemann, to sign a balanced first quarter on the scoreboard, 19-18.

It was the second act, with the entry of Sergio Llull, Fabien Causeur and Trey Thompkins when Madrid began to break up the game. The attack began to flow and Alba Berlin of Aito García Reneses accepted that rhythm of play, which was their downfall.

Then Rudy Fernández and Walter Tavares appeared, who if in the first fourth step a little more unnoticed in this second began to dominate clearly. In the German team, Louis Olinde and Maodo Lo They were the most active, although well supported, in general, by the Madrid defense.

The scoreboard began to skyrocket at the halfway point of the quarter, 33-23, to finish with a clear 45-30.

Alba Berlin came out with defense in a 1-2-2 zone in the continuation and Madrid with Jaycee Carroll, who scored two triples in the first substitution.

Madrid, moreover, given the German insistence on this defense, began to move the ball quickly finding good shooting options that he took advantage of, 63-39 (min.25).

Garuba reappeared in the low post to crush the hoop and Madrid shot up on the scoreboard, 70-39 (m. 27.45), closing this third period with 72-44.

With the victory already decanted, the last ten minutes of play were something else. Madrid took their foot off the gas and the German team showed, with Luke Sikma in the lead, that they have points in their hands if the defense is not excessively tough.

A tangerine from his field with two minutes remaining was the prelude to the final 91-62.

– Datasheet:

91 – Real Madrid (19 + 26 + 27 + 19): Laprovittola (8), Abalde, Garuba (15), Taylor (9) and Tavares (16) -initial five-, Llull (8), Deck (7), Rudy Fernández (3), Alocén (2), Thompkins (4 ), Causeur (10) and Carroll (9).

62- Alba Berlin (18 + 12 + 14 + 18): Giffey (5), Delow (2), Thiemann (8), Granger (6) and Sikma (13) -starting five-, Lo (13), Mattisseck (3), Schneider, Olinde (7), Nikic (2) and Fontecchio (3).

Referees: Christos Christodoulou (GRE), Mehdi Difallah (FRA) and Tomasz Trawicki (POL). Sin eliminados.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the sixteenth round of the Euroleague played at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid behind closed doors.

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