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Real Madrid denies that they want to leave LaLiga and join the Premier



The Real Madrid has denied through a statement that he wants to leave LaLiga to enroll in the Premier League, thus responding to information published by Mundo Deportivo in which it is explained that at the Santiago Bernabéu he would have studied the possibility of changing competition.

«Given the information published today by Mundo Deportivo, in which it says that our club studied to go from LaLiga to the Premier, Real Madrid wants to make it clear that it is flatly false, as well as absurd and impossible and that it only intends to disrupt the day-to-day life of our club once more ».

According to the aforementioned information from Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid, tired of the obstacles and difficulties that, according to them, Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, continually puts them, would have explored the possibility of leaving the Spanish championship to end up in another European league, aiming for the Premier League. The final trigger would have been the disagreement over the agreement closed by Tebas with the CVC investment fund, a pact with important consequences for football that Florentino Pérez found out when everything was already discussed and closed.

This week, Real Madrid announced that it would present “legal actions,” both civil and criminal, against the president of LaLiga, and against the CVC investment fund and its head of the agreement reached by both entities.

Tebas ironically criticizes the inventor of the news: «The” Martian “(known in the world of football) is the new guest at the bar that closes at 5 in the morning, and as he has just arrived, everything they say to those hours, and on top of that, it counts! How many nonsense we have these days »

The Real MadridHowever, he has denied today through an official statement the information that he wants to leave LaLiga. For his part, Javier Tebas, president of patronald el futbol, ​​has also responded to the aforementioned information from Mundo Deportivo through social networks.

«The “Martian” (known in the world of football), is the new guest of the bar that closes at 5 in the morning, and since he has just arrived he believes everything they say at that time, and above all, he tells it! How many nonsense we have these days », is the message that javier Tebas has written in his account from Twitter, accompanying him with information from Mundo Deportivo which alludes to Real Madrid’s claim to leave the Spanish championship and various emoticons with a smiley face.

The regulations of the Premier League close the possibility of Real Madrid playing the Premier League, a championship in which only clubs from England and Wales can participate.

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