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Real Madrid fear referees



Strange, almost surreal. The anger is enormous in the area of ​​Real Madrid’s triumph in Balaídos. A bittersweet victory, triumphant but with suspicion in mind, generating optimism but with resentment in the head. The fight for the League continued for Zidane’s team, with the concern of a segment, the referee, which they do not trust a hair. The success of the white team in Vigo did not leave the club calm. Rather, anger outweighed the importance of 1-3. Something happens when a team that has won at home is outraged. It is not normal. And it was all for the disastrous performance of Melero López. The exalted Karim Benzema, Modric, Kroos, all are soliviantados. Only the success of Real Madrid and the failure of Celta prevented the match from ending in a draw. This is what the Bernabéu entity reflects. Melero did everything possible so that the champion did not win in Galicia.

Real Madrid is concerned about arbitration bias and the latest data is the guarantee of 30 million from Jaume Roures, a confessed Barcelona player, to Laporta. Roures celebrated the endorsement and sang the Barcelona anthem at dawn that saved Laporta. But he runs Mediapro, chooses the match schedules and controls the images that appear and do not appear in the VAR, a fact criticized by Real Madrid with penalties that were never seen. From now on, the suspicion is supported

These were the words that the players and the Real Madrid coach expressed after the match: “We already know that the referees hate us, but what happened with Vigo is very shameless.” Internal declarations that should concern Velasco Carballo, the head of the referees. “Absolute outrage of the team with the umpteenth arbitration against,” highlighted the coaching staff of the Madrid club.

The collegiate of Balaídos was the protagonist of “everything ok José Luis” a long time ago. The reflection of the Madrid squad, the day after, is the following: «And if they even tie us, who is responsible? We lost the League and it was all over due to a series of decisions against. It is unpresentable. You can make a mistake, but when you make six decisions against now they are not failures. Zidane shares this sentiment.

Modric, very indignant with Melero López

Melero López invented a foul on the edge of the Madrid area, in the perfect place to score, by a pass from Modric to Lucas Vázquez that the nefarious referee turned into a foul against Real Madrid in a surprising way. A Celta player went to cut off that pass, passed by, and Melero whistled a foul against the visitors. It left everyone with their mouths open. The arbitration act was a supreme invention of reality. “In the 80th minute the player Modric was cautioned for the following reason: recklessly knocking down an opponent in the dispute for the ball.” You can’t tell so many lies per square minute. Modric was desperate.

Real Madrid affirms that it will be blunt in this case: “We are going to use that card until the end, as far as we have to go.” The mistake should leave this collegiate in the fridge.

That free kick invented by Melero was launched by Iago Aspas and touched a pole. It could have meant a tie at two. It was the culmination of a horrible refereeing that for eighty minutes allowed six card entries from the celestial players that he never sanctioned with a warning, but he did show the card to Vinicius. Modric and Nacho for actions that did not deserve that punishment. Melero, yes, did not sanction a card in a counterattack by Valverde that went directly to goal and pointed out a hand from Vinicus that was not in another lethal counterattack. Suspicious, very suspicious.

Is everything really Ok José Luis?

In the Real Madrid expedition, with the serenity of the time that passed, it was discussed that it was not acceptable that the whole local cut the Madrid counter-attacks with constant fouls and the final balance of the referee in the minutes was three cards for Celta and four for Real Madrid. Inadmissible for the champion.

The result of this arbitration work by Melero is that Real Madrid underlines that it feels “an absolute pessimism regarding the arbitrations for the ten remaining games in the League.” This is how the locker room feels. And Zidane feels it, who never expresses it publicly, because he has the grace not to justify his defeats or draws in the referees.

The Real Madrid upset is majestic. The entity meditates that this is not by chance. He thinks that he could lose two points and the League due to a biased, premeditated arbitration. There is a total fact that defines the suspicion: Real Madrid have not been awarded a penalty in favor since October 24. And he has complained in the two previous days from a penalty from Felipe in the derby and from a penalty to Ramos against Elche. They call six unsuccessful penalties. The endorsement of Oaks to Laporta, a staunch Barcelona woman who runs Mediapro, imposes the schedules of the matches and controls the VAR images, finishes the perennial suspicion.

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