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Real Madrid: France belittles Benzema



When Florentino Pérez signed him in 2009, face to face In the suburbs of Lyon, he dreamed of acquiring a footballer who could be important to Real Madrid, but could never gauge that he would become a legend. In the shadow of Cristiano, in the sun of his quality, Karim Benzema is an active legend of the entity. Yesterday he equaled Santillana as a striker for the white club in the League, 186 goals each. In total, he has finished 273 in 545 games and his next challenge is to also overcome Carlos’ absolute goals. Alonso González, 290, and Alfredo Di Stéfano, 308, in the medium term.

He is the main culprit, with his eight goals in six games, of Real Madrid’s ten-game unbeaten streak, consisting of eight wins and two draws

The Frenchman is experiencing the best moment of his career. He has scored eight goals in the last six games. He has scored Getafe, Valencia, Atlético, two against Elche, Atalanta and another two to Celta. At the age of 33, he shows a state of form endorsed by his physical preparation and his careful diet. Decisive in the League and in the Champions League, takes 23 goals and six assists this season.

Above the figures is his technique. It is simply a gifted ball. In Balaídos he decided the three points with two hits and an assist to Marco Asensio. He is the total footballer.

Real Madrid offered him renew until 2023, when he would be 35 years old, and the striker has signed a contract extension until 2022, to decide later if he feels in a position to continue playing at the highest level required by his club. It will never follow if it is not seen in optimal shape. It will not crawl.

In the break FIFA gets ready

“Karim is one luxury for those who like football »underlines Zidane, compatriot, boss and personal advisor during his first years at Real Madrid. “We enjoy with him and his companions too.” He highlights his different virtues: «What he has done is spectacular. Karim makes a difference, he’s a hard worker and always wants more. His coach praises that he is not gentrifying and that he seeks the beyond in this business, to add more titles and greater individual performance.

Zizou stomps when talking about the eternal dismissal of Benzema in the French national team, because of that controversy with the sex videos of Valbuena, a colleague in the French national team, five years ago: «I do not understand that it is not summoned by FranceNobody understands it, not you or anyone else, but better for Real Madrid ”, says a coach who is also French and who is tempted by the Federation of his country to be a coach in the future. If that happened in the short term, the “nine” would return to his selection by the hand of Zidane.

Selfishly, it is good for the white coach that he does not go with his national team. Benzema has grown in performance by taking advantage of national team stops to get ready before each return of club competitions. The head of the Madrid team has now linked ten undefeated matches, eight wins and two draws, thanks to eight goals from his countryman. Zidane openly spits out that this interruption of club competitions to play with the national teams is a detriment to his pupils. “The pity is that many of my players are now leaving with their national team and will not rest.” One of them will be Ramos, afflicted of a blow in a tibia, which did not play in Balaídos but will be with Spain: “He will go with the Spanish team, it is only a blow and he does not play until the 25th, no problem.”

The Marseille coach fears injuries at this key moment, when Liverpool and Barcelona await him in a busy week in April that will decide the Real Madrid season. This calendar, indeed, is a planning disaster, demanded by FIFA and UEFA. Placing national team matches when the clubs are playing it all is not smart. Benzema dodges this disaster. He trains and rests.

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