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Real Madrid will not charge the season tickets to its partners



Real Madrid will not charge the subscription fee to the members of the 2021-2022 season until it knows how and when the spectators will return to football and especially to the Bernabéu. There are more than 60,000 subscribers of the entity. It will be the Autonomous Community of Madrid that will rule in due course the percentage of the public that will be able to attend the fields. Javier Thebes spoke yesterday of an average attendance of 70 percent of the capacity as of August 13, so it will depend on each territory and it is too early to specify figures with the fifth wave of the active pandemic.

The white club specifies that given the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, which affects the capacity of spectators who will be able to enter the games, the fair thing is not to collect the season tickets for the second consecutive year, until the green light to the support of fans allows to calculate the subscribers that can enter.

Real Madrid has more than 60,000 subscribers and a hypothetical health permit to house 70 percent of the Bernabéu’s capacity (81,044 seats), as stated by Javier Tebas, would allow 54,000 fans in the stadium stands

The first match at the Bernabéu will arrive on Saturday, September 11, against Celta, and Real Madrid hopes that this fifth pandemic wave has already been overcome on those dates and the capacity allowed is, in effect, at least 70 percent. It will be Ancelotti’s presentation and a very different squad.

If 70 percent of the capacity is admitted, which amounts to 81,044 people, 54,000 spectators could attend a meeting, almost all season ticket holders, and that would be the starting point to start collecting season tickets from those who attend the matches. If the percentage is 50 percent will be able to attend 40,500 people to the white coliseum. Lower attendance figures will already require the sale of tickets, with preference for subscribers, which is the policy approved for the moment by the Madrid entity pending the events and of the decisions of the health authorities.

Right now, the philosophy approved by Real Madrid is to sell tickets for parties and partners will have preference and discount. This decision will be officially communicated in the coming weeks.

This way, the club has solved a problem it was pending. There are more than 60,000 subscribers, there will not be a seat for everyone in the coming months and ticket sales will be the best solution. In addition, in full works, Real Madrid could not host the 81,044 possible fans of its official capacity in these months.

The Real Madrid has already contacted its subscribing partners to inform them that, for the moment, they will not be charged for the season tickets for the next season, since the number of spectators who will be able to attend the stadium in the 2021-22 campaign is not yet known.

The white club informed in the letter that He sent the partners that the forecasts for the season indicate the possibility of having an audience in the stands with “the percentages and with the restrictions established by the health authorities. In the circumstances that are foreseen, almost with total security, all of our members who subscribe to each game will not be able to access, so the club has decided that its corresponding subscription fee the season 2021-22 will not be broadcast as usual on June 30 ».

If the pandemic only allowed a minimum attendance, for example seven thousand spectators, Real Madrid would play again at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium, which has capacity for six thousand

The white house required that in the next few days the partners will receive more information on the procedure that the club will establish for the request of tickets in the matches of the next campaign.

Real Madrid is sure that the works are going well and will be able to host matches with the public in its stadium on September 11. In this month of August it will begin prepare the colosseum for public access in September. The dream would be to show up on September 11 at home with Mbappé.

If the pandemic only allowed a minimum attendance, for example seven thousand spectators, Real Madrid would play again in Valdebebas, which has a capacity for six thousand followers.

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