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Realme joins the trend that Apple started and that does not convince users

The new realme device would copy one of the worst trends in the mobile phone market that was started by Apple, but followed by Samsung.

Until a few years ago it was impossible to think that manufacturers would be able to launch devices without headphones and, above all, without a charger. The situation has changed a lot from time to time and, in fact, it is no longer surprising that some manufacturer decides to dispense with these two accessories in the device box.

Nowadays Apple can be considered one of the forerunners when it comes to eliminating the charger inside the box of your mobile devices. We have seen this behavior in its latest terminals such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max or the recent 2022 iPhone SE that was launched just a month ago on the market.

And, it is that, although it was Apple that started this; many Android device manufacturers have joined the trend. Samsung has been one of the first to do so and with it has eliminated the charger from its high-end mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

But it seems that ditching the device charger is not something only high-end devices do, there have also been cases in which mid-range terminals do without this accessory. The example at Samsung is the Galaxy A family terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

The next company that would join this trend would be realme. Yes, one of the newest companies in the sector would also bet on getting rid of the charger in its devices. This information comes thanks to the official statement made by the company itself together with the presentation of the realme Narzo 50A Prime.

Realme Narzo 50

The new realme Narzo 50 mobile has just been released and is already on sale: get it for less than 180 euros

Of course, what the company has commented is that the decision not to include a charger inside the box is for ecological reasons and because this device does not have a fast charge that needs a specific charger. The realme Narzo 50A Prime integrates 10 W as a charge so, in truth, it could not be considered a fast charge.

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By having a load of this power those of realme take for granted that users already have a charger compatible with this speed, for this reason they dispense with said accessory. In addition, they have made it clear that models with a higher charging speed will integrate the charger, as would be the case with the Narzo 50, which has 33 W fast charging.

We will have to see how this affects the rest of the realme terminals over time, although seeing the current panorama, it is possible that more realme devices or families will join this trend. Companies like Google have also done it, Xiaomi tried it and did not receive good comments so it ended up giving up. The future is the one with the answers.

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