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Reasons to Live is celebrated this Saturday in Petrer

The luxury poster for the tenth edition of Reasons to Live.

The luxury poster for the tenth edition of Reasons to Live.

The Reasons to Live congress is held this Saturday, November 21 in Petrer, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. But on this occasion, as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers have decided to adopt the format online.

The charity event has been developing with great success for ten years at the Cervantes de Petrer Theater. But in this edition the health crisis situation prevents organizing it in face-to-face format. Despite this, the promoters have not wanted to give up. “We feel the need to help needy groups and we do not want to let a year go by without celebrating this wonderful non-profit congress,” said the president of the Board, Manuel Pujalte, which has encouraged all the people who want to contribute their “grain of solidarity” to join the event by acquiring entry through the María Telkes Foundation website.

Prestigious speakers

The Congress Reasons to Live, organized by the Maria Telkes Foundation, is a charity event with two objectives. First, to support the most needy groups with the benefits, this year specifically to the Petrer’s Barrier-Free Association Yet the NGO Kassumay of Valencia. And secondly, it seeks to awaken consciences, “a look inside oneself to find answers.” That is why the day will address the relationship of people with their emotions and how to address them correctly, how thinking works and how, through personal experiences of prestigious speakers such as Jorge Bucay, Marian Rojas, Irene Villa, Juan Cayuela and Ignacio del Olmo, you can find the meaning of life. “You have to love yourself with your eyes open”; “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn”; “Proud to be what I am”; “If you do not suffer, you will never be happy” and “The way of life” are the titles of the lectures that will be offered after the presentation of the journalist Maje Amorós.

With the donations you will get tickets to an event that will be online for the first time in its ten years of existence.

Destination of the collection

With the donation In addition to obtaining a ticket to the Reasons to Live congress, it collaborates in alleviating two problems with two very different approaches, one local and the other international.

From the local approach, the Sense Barreres de Petrer Association is supported by helping the users of this center and the families of people in a situation of dependence. From an international perspective, the NGO Kassumay de València will be supported to continue developing its program for the empowerment of women in Senegal and search for a decent job for them.

Tax relief for donation

The organization also informs that participants will be able to deduct up to 80% of the donations that they make up to € 150 and for the rest 35% (taxable base deduction limit 10%). For example, donating € 100 the expense is € 20 because the Treasury returns € 80, that is, it deducts 80% as established by Royal Decree-Law 17/2020 of May 5, 2020.

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