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Reasons why it is important to update your browser

It may seem that it is not as important or that it is less important than other types of updates, but it is not.

Keeping a browser with all its updates up to date can mean a great advance in many ways, not only in terms of performance, but also relevant issues such as security, since we do not forget that it is software that we use to enter in everything that is the world of the Internet.

We are going to give you several keys so that you understand why it is so essential to have the browser fully updated. With this you will see why this fact is so fundamental.

For security

Obviously, not all updates focus on the same thing, but it is true that the vast majority of the time these software modifications come with some kind of security improvement, something very necessary in the times we live in.

The browser is a part of our computer that comes into contact with external elements, with other computers, with cloud systems and all this type of interaction that we all have every day.

For this reason, the fact of keeping the browser in perfect condition and with all its updates up to date, can save you from any type of spyware, malware, trojans or any type of virus that can complicate our lives, give someone access to our computer or allow friends of others to violate our privacy.

You have the example in Internet Explorer and the abandonment by Microsoft of this software, since they saw that in terms of security it was a browser that could not accommodate current standards, so they decided to start with a new project, hence the Edge’s appearance.

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By performance

It is clear that browsers are similar to any other application, although with more responsibility in our day to day, that is clear. The fewer updates we have installed, the fewer new features it will have, the less compatibility and, therefore, its performance will be lower.

Also, all the features that are new It will not have them either, so it may even be the case that there are websites that are not partially or even totally visible.

This can cause us to be interested in entering a website and that we cannot or it gives us a series of errors, without understanding why this is happening, when the solution is very simple and goes through update the browser.

But so that you understand how far the deficit of not having an updated browser can go, it may be that websites that we enter every day, suddenly and without prior notice no longer work for us or begin to have many problems.

These are the best alternatives to Chrome or Firefox, two of the most popular browsers today, which, however, have a lot of competition if we are looking for specific features, a different design, security or anonymity.

This is because the major coding languages ​​are constantly changing and developers use all the advances and even change languages, which means that, although the website apparently is the sameinternally it may have changed a lot and not be compatible with our outdated browser.

But we can go further, since it may even be the case that it is the developer himself who limits access to his website to those older or obsolete browsers.

user experience

Something that will also be compromised is the experience we will have on the different websites.

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The development they are experiencing is extraordinary and the pages are becoming better designed, more spectacular and carry out many more actions. The downside is that if our browser is outdated when it comes to updates, we we will lose much of the content newer and more powerful.

As is evident we can suffer from all kinds of problemsthat is, the browser can crash, freeze the image, load only part of the web or take a long time to work.

This will affect not only the operation itself, but the user experience will be quite bad, losing part of the web or directly having to choose to search for another page, which leads to a good waste of time.

How to update my browser?

It is important that you know how to update the browser or browsers that you use often, so that you do not suffer any of the problems that we have talked about so far.

Each browser has its own way of updating, so it would be convenient to know how such an action is carried out in the most used today.

Google Chrome

To update Google Chrome we must press the three vertical points that are in the upper right.

In the drop-down that appears we must go to Help and then click on Google Chrome Information.

The next page will display the version of Chrome that is installed and will automatically check for a newer version to update.

Microsoft Edge

In the Microsoft Edge browser we must click on the three points in the upper right corner so that a drop-down appears where we click on Help and Feedback.

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We go to the end of everything and click on About Microsoft Edge. At that moment, a window will open where we will see the version of Edge that we have installed, allowing a new installation if necessary automatically.


In this case, what we must do is click on the three lines that appear in the upper right corner.

Then we must search and click on Helpthen click on About Firefox.

In the window that Mozilla Firefox opens, the information on the installed version is displayed, while it automatically searches for a new update. If you find it, you will have to restart the browser for it to take effect.


To update Opera, click on the O at the top left of the browser, so that a drop-down opens in which we have the option Update and Recoverwhere we should click.

Then a window with the version of Opera will be displayed, indicating if there is any update that can be installed, which it will do automatically.

Safari Browser

If you’re a Safari user, you’ll know that Safari depends on Apple’s operating system updates, so if all the system is up to dateour browser is too.

In older versions you could go to the Updates tab of the browser or directly from the app Store.

Now you understand why you should have the browser fully updated, since otherwise you could suffer problems that have a solution as simple as you have just seen, since updating any of the most used browsers today is an extremely simple task.

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