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Reasons why paying for Telegram Premium is not a good idea

If you are considering paying for Telegram Premium, the best thing to do is let the idea mature, and you may not need the features offered by this service.

The arrival of Telegram Premium was received under a veil of skepticism and the fact that a messaging application launches a subscription model is something really strange. What does this version offer compared to the free version? Not too much at first glance and much deeper look.

First of all, we must talk about the price. At the moment Telegram Premium has a tag of 5.49 euros on both Android and iOS devices. Yes, this has a trick. And, is that, you can get a lower price for this subscription; although this time the beneficiaries are users with Android devices.

To get a lower subscription price, what you have to do is download Telegram from the official website and not from the Google application store. By doing this the price of Telegram Premium will drop to 3.99 euros. The difference is 1.5 euros, which may not seem like much, but per year it is a more than decent figure.

Bearing this in mind, we already find a reason that should put many users back. And, it is that, It is not logical that this price difference exists due to the fact of installing the application from one place or another; in addition to the fact that the operating system should not be an element that varies the price.

Let’s continue with the features of Telegram Premium. When paying for the monthly subscription, the first thing that changes is that, now, next to the application’s username, a star will appear that will indicate the fact of being subscribed to the Telegram Premium service.. This badge is a mere identification and does not provide anything more than a banal recognition.

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Leaving aside the distinctive elements like this star or that you can put animated photos on the profile that are constantly reproduced, let’s go with the real differential characteristics. Telegram Premium gives access to exclusive stickers that can only be used by users who pay for this subscription.

People who use Telegram in the conventional way will be able to see them, but they will not be able to save or forward them. Reactions to messages increase, with there now being a much greater variety of items. There are also new exclusive icons that, this time, are only visible to users subscribed to this service.

So far there are only, so to speak, cosmetic benefits to the Telegram Premium subscription. Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the fact that the voice notes have an audio transcript, so it will not be necessary to listen to them since the message will also appear in text.

Of course, this is interesting when you do not want to hear a voice note. But there are situations in which it is much more practical to have the voice note in the background while other tasks are being carried out. Come on, listening becomes a passive element and, instead, reading is always something that is done actively.

How to activate the auto-delete of a Telegram chat

How to activate the auto-delete of a Telegram chat

It also highlights the fact of having a new limit on the weight of the files, items weighing up to 4 GB can now be sent. The truth is that this is useful, although you have to be a fairly specific user to be able to take advantage of it. Not everyone is going to send 4GB files on a daily basis.

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In fact, it is more useful when uploading items to Telegram and using the service as a personal cloud. It would not be the only feature that would be expanded, the application would support 4 synchronized accounts instead of 3 in the free version. The number of folders increases to 20 with up to 200 chats in each.

Maximum characters in bio and photo descriptions are also increased. In the first case it goes from 70 to 140, while in the next it goes from 1,024 to 2,048. The truth is that there is no real use for this since, after all, you can always write in chat.

Having seen all the features and news that come with Telegram Premium, we have to make a balance. The first thing to take into account is the price and, although it is not excessive, what happens is that nowadays everything works under a subscription and, therefore, adding one more to the figure that is paid per month is an idea that exists what to weigh.

But the really important thing is to know the type of user that each one is and, that is, If until now you have not missed any of these features, the most logical thing is that you do not need to pay for Telegram Premium. In fact, the application will be working for free with all the advantages it has had to date.

By already having one of the best messaging applications as a base and that, in addition, it works completely free, the truth is that the idea of ​​paying for the service is completely crazy. In fact, the key payment features are few and do not weigh heavily enough in the balance to weigh paying for Telegram..

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