Monday, September 27

receives an envelope with a bloody razor at the Ministry headquarters




The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, has received a threat in the Ministry. Government sources have confirmed that at headquarters “a letter addressed to the minister with an apparently bloody razor ». The Government assures that an investigation has been opened in this regard.

Sources from the Ministry of Industry explain that an envelope has arrived at the headquarters “with a medium-sized knife with red marks that the Police are analyzing whether it is blood or paint.” The Ministry explains that “to evade the security control, the envelope also included a CD that prevented the knife from appearing on the scanner.”

These sources describe the packaging as folio-size and padded, and inside it also included a pile of folios stapled with enlarged copies of WhatsApp and Twitter messages. “In addition, a handwritten folio with individual words and phrases that we still cannot detail,” they point out.

As they explain, the envelope has been opened by the minister’s secretary, who has informed Maroto by phone. The chief of bodyguards and the police are working on it. The secretary informed the minister and security and it was Maroto who subsequently informed the president and the interior minister.

The minister has come to the door of the Congress of Deputies and said she feels “a little afraid” because they are “Threatening his life”, but he says that he is not going to “be intimidated” and defends that his letter shows that “this is serious and nobody is inventing anything.”

The sender appears in the envelope sent to Minister Maroto, although it may be false. According to police sources, they will focus on looking at the cameras around and picking up the possible fingerprints that may be on the envelope. Inside there were security flaws due to not detecting what was inside the packages, which are being investigated. Report Pablo Muñoz and Cruz Morcillo.

Very active in campaign

Maroto is actively participating in the Madrid PSOE campaign, since Angel Gabilondo He will appoint her economic vice president if she manages to reach Puerta del Sol after the elections on May 4.

The news has been known while the PSOE was holding a campaign event in Ferraz. It has been the own deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, which has announced it at the time of intervening.

The PSOE is already building the entire campaign around these events and the threats received last week by Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez. «You are not going to pass, we tell you fascism you are not going to pass. It’s over, this is about democracy! ”Said Lastra.

«She is not alone, we are her at this moment. We also feel threatened in our hearts, in our principles, in our lives, “Gabilondo later said, asking the rest of the party to” concretely “condemn each case to the” equidistance “that the socialists denounce in the PP and Vox.

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