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Recommendations for correctly loading luggage in the car

Use compression bags instead of boxes, take advantage of the space around the spare wheel, under the front seats or even inside the shoes, are some of the main tips


If you are thinking of hitting the road this Easter, the main thing will be
make our trip more comfortable and safe. Thus, one of the points to take into account is to correctly load the luggage in the car. Using compression bags instead of boxes, taking advantage of the space around the spare wheel, under the front seats or even inside the shoes, are some of the recommendations offered by
Stress Free Car Rental.

In particular, it is better to remember these
seven very useful ideas:

Travel with the essentials: Plan your trip in advance and make sure you take only what you really need. Prepare the things you are going to take with you a day or two in advance and see what you can leave. If the place where you are going to stay allows you to use the washing machine, you can take much less clothes. Don’t bother with hangers unless they’re essential – they take up too much space and most clothes can be folded easily.

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keep your balance: Keep the vehicle’s center of gravity as low as possible and reduce the weight on the tyres. Place the largest and heaviest objects in the lowest part of the trunk and as far forward and center as possible. Do not hesitate to take things out and put them back as many times as necessary, until you find the best distribution. If, on the other hand, you have a roof rack, don’t overload it.

Keep electronic devices separate: Reserve a specific space for all electronic devices and keep them close at hand, for example, in a small box in the glove compartment. Most likely, one of you will need to charge your phone during the trip.

Put things in bags: Whenever possible, use compression bags instead of cases or boxes to carry your belongings. They take up less space and are easier to place in different spaces. Vacuum bags are great, but if you’re not going to be able to use a vacuum for the return trip, use roll bags (or even just garbage bags, tightly pressed). If you have to use boxes, for example to protect fragile objects, make them as small as possible.

fill your boots: Literally. If you are going to wear walking boots or large shoes, take advantage of its interior space to store small objects such as bottles, accessories, glasses cases, jewelry, etc.

Use the hidden spaces: The footwell needs to be clear, but remember there is room under the front seats, in the glove boxes, in the side door pockets, and probably around the spare tire in the trunk.

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Bring a separate bag for the night: If you arrive late and exhausted from the trip, avoid unloading your luggage in the dark. Prepare a small bag with everything you need for one night, go to bed and the next day when you have recharged your batteries unload all your luggage.

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