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Recovery Albert: recovery, storage and recycling of any material

More than 50 years in the recovery and recycling sector

More than 50 years in the recovery and recycling sector

Located in the Pla de la Vallonga Industrial Estate in Alicante, Recuperaciones Albert SL’s mission is to care for, protect and improve sustainability of the environment, being committed to the maximum with the sorting, storage and recycling of any recyclable material. Heirs of a family that accumulates More than 50 years in the sector of recovery and recycling, is a pioneer in its sector in the province of Alicante since the 1950s and with a clear vocation and tradition for the maintenance and care of the environment.

Its facilities, which have 2,500 m2 of closed warehouses, are dedicated to the reception, classification, cleaning and storage of various types of materials. In the part exterior, have 2500 m2 of fields for the storage of scrap metal, cardboard and plastic. They also have weighing equipment for industrial vehicles up to 30 tons and weighing scales of smaller volume materials. Similarly, they have a compactor press for cardboard, paper and plastic, being able to process and store large volumes of this type of material.

In Albert recoveries receive and process all kinds of copper and aluminum cable, and they have specialized machinery to separate metal and plastic from these materials, and thus add value and properly manage this recoverable waste.

Refering to loading of materials, offer these services directly to the producers of waste at source, counting on specialized vehicles For this, such as the 3-axle truck with an octopus crane for large loads or a dump truck for smaller loads.

They have 2,500 m2 outside for the storage of materials.

All this, together with a young, prepared and multidisciplinary team, has allowed them to specialize and expand their radius of influence, encompassing various jobs and services throughout the national territory, from the reception and weighing in its facilities of material of professionals of electricity, plumbing, factories, etc., to the dismantling of industrial buildings and supermarkets, working for leading companies in the sector.

Albert recoveries has established alliances with recycling companies leaders at the national level, allowing them to tackle different jobs, operations and projects related to recovery, storage and recycling, as well as offering a high level of competitiveness in purchase prices and high quality standards in its services.

Notably currently they are managers authorized by the Generalitat Valenciana for the storage and transport of non-hazardous waste, such as cardboard, plastic, iron scrap, various metals (copper, brass, aluminum, lead), among others, and for the storage and transport of hazardous waste, such as lead batteries.

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