Tuesday, September 26

Recruiters say these 4 red flags will cost you a job offer

It’s a job-seeker’s market, and companies are focused on working quickly and efficiently to fill scores of openings. But with the rapid rate of quitting and hiring in the last year, some recruiters are rethinking the signs that someone could be a good employee, and what could nix them from getting to the next round of interviews.

CNBC Make It spoke with recruiting experts for their top four red flags that could cost you the job offer.

Not being able to explain your job-hopping

Job-hopping is having a moment: 23% of employees who left a job in the last year are open to changing jobs again this year, according to a recent Employ survey of more than 1,500 people. A short stint might not carry the same stigma as it once did, says Pete Lamson, CEO of Employ. “It’s a new world out there where the frequency of changing jobs is accelerating, and employers need to be understanding of that.”

But, you should still be ready to explain why you’re back on the job market after a short tenure.

For example, you could focus on how the scope of the job changed between the time you interviewed and when you started, says The Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew. You could also focus on the impact you made on a job even after a short time there.

Keep the conversation simple and future-focused, says career coach Chelsea Jay: The past work environment was no longer for me, and this is what I’m looking for going forward.

Trash-talking your current or former employer

Showing up unprepared

Acting entitled


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