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Red traffic light: Mexico City and the State of Mexico remain on high alert for covid-19

Several people walk in the center of Mexico City this Thursday.
Several people walk in the center of Mexico City this Thursday.Jose Mendez / EFE

Mexico City and the State of Mexico will remain on a red light at least until next week. The Government led by Claudia Sheinbaum has extended the maximum alert for covid-19 and has reported that non-essential activities will remain suspended for the next seven days in the capital, where hospitalizations exceed 86%, the highest percentage of occupied beds. since the beginning of the pandemic. The governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, has also reported that the restrictions will be maintained in the region that borders the capital, where 83% of the beds are occupied, due to the increase in cases of covid-19 in the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.

On December 18, the authorities warned that Mexico City and the State of Mexico were returning to the red traffic light until this January 10 due to the advance of the coronavirus. But after 20 days, both territories are at the peak of contagion. “At the moment we have to keep saving the same socks that we have kept until now. It would be difficult to return to a situation of openness now, especially in closed places, which is where there are more infections, ”Sheinbaum, of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), announced to the press. Del Mazo, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has indicated in a recorded video: “We are aware of the implications that these measures have on the economy of families. However, we have to prioritize the health and life of all ”.

The decision jointly communicated in December faced resistance mainly due to economic losses. This Thursday, more than 900 members of the restaurant industry demanded the reopening of the economy in the Valley of Mexico, where the crisis has caused the closure of 13,500 stores, according to businessmen. With the epidemiological traffic light in red, restaurants have had to limit themselves to offering service at home. When economic activities resumed last summer they were only able to open at 30% capacity, making it difficult for many stores to absorb the costs. The sector has been one of the most affected, as recognized by the capital’s government this Friday.

For this reason, the head of government has announced economic support for the industry, which in January will not have to pay the payroll tax in the capital. “We care that the city has economic growth. We would like not to affect anyone, but it is a public health issue, ”Sheinbaum lamented after warning that the maximum alert will be extended for at least one more week. “We are making an extraordinary effort in particular for this sector. The most important thing is that we can get out of the red light. How can we get out? All acting in a responsible way: businessmen and citizens ”, he pointed out.

According to the latest data, in Mexico City, the most densely populated area of ​​the country and the one most affected by the pandemic, 22,897 people have died from covid-19, more than 354,000 have been infected with the virus and hospital occupation is approaching to 90%. The projections of the capital indicated a reduction in the rate of reproduction of the virus in recent weeks, according to official data, but the last two days the graph has shown an increase. “We continue within the parameters that we had established, but it is important that the downward trend was broken”, said Eduardo Clark, general director of Digital Government, who has clarified, however, that “there can always be an atypical day ”And that the indicators will continue to analyze the evaluation.

In the State of Mexico, Del Mazo has highlighted that the hospitalization of patients with covid-19 has increased compared to the first peak of the epidemic. In June, he said, there were 2,284 admitted, while currently there are 3,000. “The effort we are making is working, however we still have a great demand for patients who require hospitalization,” said the governor.

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