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Reddit Place is the fool that has half the internet fighting and trolling at the stroke of a pixel

In 2017 Reddit took advantage of April Fools’ Day in the US (April Fools’ Day, April 1) to launch a collaborative mural called Place. Now that joke has been activated again in this 2022, and that mural has become a unique battlefield.

Reddit communities have scrambled to carve out their little niche in the mural, but the fever has spread to other communities like Forocoches or various Spanish Twitch streamers.

that pixel is mine

The operation of this unique project is simple: every Reddit user can “paint” a pixel from a 16-color palette on the r/Place subreddit, and then can’t edit it for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

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In 2017, more than a million users participated in this community art project, and the result was a canvas of 16 million pixels which was running for 72 hours.

This time the project will last four days and will conclude this afternoon at 17:00 (Spanish peninsular time). Activity is frenetic once againand the canvas does not stop being painted and repainted by users who coordinate especially on subreddits —such as r/esPlace in the case of the Spanish— to “fight” against other communities and try to impose their final designs.

Communities such as Forocoches have tried, for example, to coordinate a joint effort to achieve a space that represents Spain: in the mural you can see a part in which the country’s flag is accompanied by symbols of our culture such as Don Quixote, Spanish omelette, the ham or Mortadelo and Filemón.

These coordinated efforts are not only trying to “gain ground” on the mural and keep a small piece of the mural, but have become a unique troll fight in which some countries are trolling others.

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In Forocoches, for example, there were attempts to troll Turkey, while it was a group called ‘Green Lattice’ who were trolling spanish users covering a small Spanish flag and hiding it

There are other clashes at the stroke of the pixel, of course. Spanish and French streamers have started trolling each other too: Ibai llanos discovered on his channel the logo of K-Corp —a French eSports club— in the lower right corner, and asked his followers to “paint” together the logo of KOI, his own eSports club.

This has caused a coordinated effort by several streamers such as Karchez, Rubius, Axozer or Komanche, who have used a Discord channel to “conquer” that space and then “fight” French counterattacks to keep that little bit of the mural.

The r/Place subreddit itself has become a curious showcase for those coordinated efforts that have managed to rack up thousands upon thousands of upvotes and once again prove that Reddit is a crazy and wonderful platform.

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