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RedMagic announces its first PC gaming monitor

The company redmagic (Nubian division) that we know well for its spectacular catalog of mobiles for gamersenters the segment of specialized gaming monitorss. The first team of him is the model Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor with IPS panel of 27 inches with resolution 4K and a rate of 160 Hz refresh. It is illuminated with more than 2,000 mini-LEDS spread over a total of 1,152 local light adjustment zones that provide backlighting with a high level of contrast. It will be released around April 6 in international markets.

It should be noted in terms of design that it has a viewing angle of 178º and can be moved up and down and to the sides, it can be tilted forwards or backwards and can even be placed in a vertical position using a support, in which a triangular central piece with RGB lights is located that helps to highlight the gaming aesthetics of this monitor.

In connectivity, 2 HDMI 2.1 ports, 2 DisplayPort 1.4, two USB 3.0, one USB-B, one USB-C port with 90W reverse charging with video and data transmission, and a 3.5-mm headphone jack port are provided. .

As for software, it integrates 6 predefined image modes: MOBA, FPS, movie, sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3 and features such as a timer, a real-time frame rate counter and an option that shows a crosshair on the center of the screen, in any game.

outstanding values

The panel is an IPS LCD with more than 2000 mini-LEDs, with 1152 lighting partitions.

The display supports HDR 1000 with ≥650 nits, peak DC illumination 1300 nits of brightness and contrast with color support 1.07 billion colors.

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Game assist features with crosshair, timer, and frame rate counter.

The monitor is equipped with HDMI 2.1, full-function USB-C with USB-A 3.0 and USB-B, and a headphone jack.


Screen size: 27 inches with 16:9 aspect ratio

Panel Type: IPS LCD

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (UHD)

Refresh rate: 48Hz up to 160Hz

Backlight technology: Over 2,000 mini-LEDs with 1,152 lighting partitions

HDR display compatible with HDR 1000 (PWM light)

Brightness and contrast ≥650nits, DC illumination peak 1300nits

Color Gamut 99% Adobe RGB, 99% SRGB, 99% DCI-P3 (-2% tolerance)

Color support 1.07 billion colors

Low Blue Light: Yes

Viewing angle: 178°

Power: 240W external power supply

Game Features: MOBA, FPS, Movie, sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3 scene modes

Black equalizer: 0 to 100 levels

Gaming Assist Crosshair, timer, frame rate counter

Connectivity: I/O Ports: HDMI 2.1 x2, DP1.4 (DP 48-160Hz), USB-C Full Function x 1 (90W Reverse Charge + Video Streaming + Data Streaming) USB-A 3.0 x 2 ,USB-B x 1,

Headphone jack and AC/DC input.

Dimensions: (613x500x237 mm) Dimensions with support; (360x500x237mm)

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