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Referents in the industrial supply and construction sector

Image of the Farell facilities located in Alicante.

Image of the Farell facilities located in Alicante.

To have a better prevention of occupational risks, the most important thing is to have a quality industrial and construction supply. For this reason, the Farell family business has 78 years of experience in which it has provided its customers with quality industrial and construction supplies, in addition to paying special attention to their purchase management and operations, finding solutions for each of the needs of its customers.

For this, this supply company has a great offer and a wide catalog that covers the vast majority of professional and home sectors. In this sense, it collaborates with an extensive network of more than 1,200 suppliers which give them unconditional support and the relationship goes beyond the mere commercial relationship. It also highlights that it has a team of people who are excellent professionals. His greatest concern is always focused on the improvement and optimization of its processes in order to continue growing in the service and attention to its customers.

Farell has positioned itself as a benchmark throughout the province of Alicante for its advanced solutions in the industrial and construction supply. It is a well-established and well-recognized company throughout its area of ​​influence.

Currently, the incorporation of the fourth generation of the founding family ensures maintaining the family character that has led Suministros Farell since its inception, which also means spirit of growth, input from new ideas, modernization of its internal processes, digitization and a well-established continuity project.

Its objective is to continue consolidating the company, adapting it to the new market demands and consolidate its future, anticipating the constant changes that take place in the sectors led by its clients, with solutions adapted to each of them in the different economic, productive and service activities they require.

It also has its headquarters with offices, warehouse and point of sale focused on professionals on the outskirts of Alicante and a second store in the city center, focused on client retailer. From this company they emphasize the pride as co-founders and competitive advantages of belonging to the best Buying Group on the national scene, ASIDE. Its motto could be “effort, continuity and hope, for a better future.”

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Address: Carretera de Ocaña, KM-4. 03006 – Alicante.

Telephone: 965 11 27 11

E-mail: [email protected]

Alicante Store (Center)

Address: Painter Lorenzo Casanova, 26-30.03003 – Alicante

Telephone: 965 12 52 22

E-mail: [email protected]

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