Tuesday, January 25

Reflections on Trump

1– He is not a madman or a clown. Sometimes we try to qualify something complex with simple words and thus it is impossible to make a minimum approximation to the truth. A madman is one who has lost his mental faculties and that man has them in perfect condition. And to call him a clown is to insult those who make a living pretending to make us laugh.

2- Well defined personality. Those who dedicate themselves to the psychological study of people, of their biographical traits, know that there are individuals to whom the label of bad is the one that best suits them. They are manipulative, narcissistic, arrogant, supremacists, thieves, ambitious, compulsive liars. And Trump fits all of those traits perfectly. A very dangerous guy.

3- Smart. No person with a low IQ is able to get anywhere near where he has gone. With the luck of some money rained from heaven (his father, in this case) he has been able to make his fortune in a country where speculation and financial gambling is almost a national sport. He set a goal, the presidency, and he achieved it.

4- The Trumpistas. Franco was born with Franco, but it would not have survived without Franco. The same happens with the Trump phenomenon, one thing is him and another who have laughed at his thanks and supported insane policies.

5- The bad thing about the 2020 elections. A little more than 74 million Americans have voted for him, a fact that those of us who aspire to be rational do not enter into their heads. Ten million more votes than in 2016. Something very serious, and regrettable, must be happening in the US when there are so many people willing to allow that individual to govern them. Success as a goal, victory, that’s what’s important to them.

6- The good thing about the 2020 elections. That 80 million voters have done it against Trump. I do not believe that Biden arouses passions in his favor, so we must interpret that so many citizens have gone to vote to remove the current tenant from the White House. And that shows us that a huge democratic force has a pulse in that strange and complex country. Obvious contradictions.

7- The strength of the federal State. Although it has seemed cumbersome and complicated, for me the count has been fantastic. I’m not saying it because of the slowness, that’s nonsense, let’s see if they are encouraged to modernize. The important thing has been to see different states, with different legislations and with governors of both parties coming out to demand respect for the legality that they guarantee. The federal thing has been reinforced.

8- Kamala Harris. Possibly the best. The US is a macho country, very much. Just remembering any western movie is enough. Those armed savages who threaten those who do not think like them are all white men. It is essential that women begin to be protagonists in many fields, the political one among them. And this lady has it all: preparation, experience, belonging to a minority in need of references, native backgrounds; in short, she has a sufficient basis to be the first American president. She is young, for what is customary in these positions, and in these four years, as vice president, she will be able to learn a lot.

9- Biden will disappoint. Everybody does. It is impossible to meet the expectations of the millions of citizens of the world who are applauding his arrival to the presidency of the United States. In the Middle East, in Latin America, at the UN, in so many issues in which it will have to intervene, it will surely fail, I hope it will be little!

10- What about us? The most complicated thing about what happened is trying to draw conclusions applicable to Europe, to Spain. I am horrified by the cultural colonization that North American audiovisual studios have done and will continue to do in these parts. That exaltation of success without more; those children competing to win, to cook, to sing, to whatever; that fondness for making money as the main objective in life, the economy as the first and almost only engine in the world. Will the sorry Trump model do us any good?

I want to conclude this article with a phrase that I really like. The professor and politician Ralf Dahrendorf defended it all his life: “democracy is coexistence in conflict.” Life is conflict, we know it, but we want to live together. Trump and his imitators, who only aspire to divide, should never govern and the force of the votes is the best antidote, we have just verified that. Those of us who believe in democracy have to make an effort to consolidate it day by day, as followers of the contrary know that there are many, and not only in the United States.


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