Thursday, December 2

Reggie Miller has a great reaction to being part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary team

I was literally speechless

The NBA revealed its 75th anniversary squad on Thursday and no one was more surprised to learn that it made the cut than Reggie Miller.

If I asked you if Miller was one of the 75 greatest players in NBA history, you would probably say yes without much hesitation. But making this list was a bit more complicated. The team had to include everyone who made up the league’s 50th anniversary team in 1996, so it’s really like a collection of the 25 best players from the last 25 years. That is tougher competition.

Miller spoke with Stephen Curry in an interview that aired during Inside the NBA Thursday night, discussing Curry’s pursuit of Ray Allen’s all-time record for 3s. After the segment aired, the team brought Miller onto the show and was totally caught off guard by host Ernie Johnson when he revealed that Miller had been named to the team.

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