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Reheat Day: 6 Easy, Yummy Ideas to Make the Most of Christmas Dinner Leftovers

Reheat Day: 6 Easy, Yummy Ideas to Make the Most of Christmas Dinner Leftovers

Giving Christmas dishes a second life is a great way to save and create new recipes.

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The acceleration that it brings the organization of the Christmas dinner has come to an end and now it’s time to plan what to do with the leftovers of the delicious dishes with which we decorate the table. Let’s be realistic It does not matter how much we try we always end up with succulents leftovers: leftover turkey, baked pasta, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, cheeses, dessert … name what you want. The truth we are not used to taking advantage of leftovers And believe it or not, they can be a great ally for innovate and create other culinary delights, avoid food waste and save money. Better impossible!

Taking into account the information disclosed by A study in charge of a recognized company specialized in the use of food, until the 20% of the Christmas dinner meala or the equivalent of 1 out of 5 dishes that are prepared during the Christmas season, end up being thrown away.

That is why we took on the task of compiling some simple and sustainable ideas to make your way easier, organize yourself better and make the most of all that delicious food that you no longer know where to accommodate. The best of all is that you will give food a second life, which on many occasions we end up throwing away.

1. The art of freezing

One of the best recommendations to really avoid food waste and optimizing it later, without spoiling it, is freezing them. It is because of that the main council is put the freezer to good use during the festive period, a good recommendation is doing a pre-cleaning to have enough space to organize it well without becoming a chaotic experience. This is one great recommendation if you go on a trip and cannot immediately consume more food in the following days. The most important thing is to pack them well, bet on the use of hermetic containers and bagsYes, and of course never forget to write down the type of dish and the packing date. They will keep well frozen for up to three months.

2. Take advantage of leftover bread

One of the food that is left over at Christmas dinners it is bread, inexplicably the night ends with loaves of bread that were left whole and without consuming. While it is a Perishable product that very quickly tends to harden and ends in the trash, it’s time we find the sea of ​​possibilities we have with the remains of bread. Some easy and very practical ideas: prepare a good crouton jar seasoned with olive oil, garlic and fine herbs, they will be the perfect complement to your salads; freeze the loaves and take advantage of them for accompany meals later or prepare a tapas or a delicious sandwich. Grate the bread and place it in a jar with a tight lid, you will have it on hand to bread anything that you can think of; tip secreto: If you have leftover cheeses, add them to the ground bread it will give it a delicious touch (yes, in that case do not forget to refrigerate it).

3. Give a second life to leftover meats

Without a doubt one of the most recurring leftovers son proteins, which are usually the main dish and of which we usually make large quantities. The good news is that without a doubt they are the food easier to take advantage of, although you can consume it the next day with leftover puree and a rich salad. You can too give them a spin, shred the meat and create delicious pasta recipes like lasagna and cannelloni, all you have to do is prepare a rich filling, add cheese and your favorite sauce and bake until gratin. Another great idea is to use it to prepare sandwiches, another great use for leftover bread.

4. Don’t be afraid to bake

Everything baked tastes better, the best of all is that it’s very easy to create new dishes contemplating some extra ingredients and a little imagination. A great idea is to prepare savory quiches or cakes, they will quickly give a different meaning to any Christmas stew or dish. In such a way that if you have leftover salmon feel free to bake a rich quiche with cheese and vegetables, it is also a great idea to take advantage of leftover turkey stuffing the inclusive the cod to the vizcaína. All you need is to prepare a homemade dough O have puff pastry on hand, more simple and delicious impossible.

5. Christmas risottos

As well as Pasta is a extraordinary complement To create new recipes, it is the rice to prepare risotto. The first thing is consider using the correct rice For this type of dish, there are two recommended varieties: the arborio and the carnaroli. It is very simple to prepare it and a rich alternative to take advantage of leftovers that they are not so abundant, take advantage of everything you have at hand; leftover meat, chicken, seafood, cheese and vegetables. You will quickly forget that you are eating leftovers and can create the mto the original combinations, you can also take advantage leftover broths and sauces to give them A special touch and very seasonal.

6. Sweet recipes

It is also very normal for them to end leftover many desserts, especially in large families that each one ends up carrying some sweet treat and the end result is a large dessert table that includes cookies, cakes, tarts and polvorones. A good idea To take advantage of the remains of cookies is to grind them and use them as pay base, you can also re-use the ingredients to make jellies, mousses and puddings.

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