Tuesday, December 7

Rejection of the transfer of the Cocentaina eco-park to the southern access

The Contested City Council has proposed to the Terra Consortium, the provincial body in charge of managing the ecopark, the assignment of two plots for the transfer of the current facilities, in order to meet the requirements demanded in terms of sustainability. The land is located in the southern access of the town, between the ascent to the Cantera de Botella and the access road to the N-340, at the roundabout of the El Altet shopping center.

Neighbors of the population propose industrial estates as an alternative and announce mobilizations


However, residents of the area consider that “it is not the most ideal place”, since it is located 150 meters from the Mariola natural park, 100 meters from several leafy pine forests and within the area of ​​protection of birds of the Xarxa Natura 2000 Those affected disagree with the fact that the proposed plot can house a larger eco-park than the one that currently exists next to IES Pare Arques.

“There are many neighboring houses and this type of infrastructure can cause a lot of inconvenience,” they explained in statements to this newspaper, while they have assured that “we have proposed alternatives.” Neighbors consider that industrial estates, especially La Llaona, where the City Council has several urban plots of more than 3,000 square meters, would be a good option, both due to the availability of plots, as well as their good access and proximity to the town. .

The environmental group, for its part, explained that the lands are part of the buffer area of ​​the Sierra de Mariola, whose function “is to preserve the ecological and landscape values ​​of the park.” For this reason, “any urban development action shifts the impact derived from the proximity of the city to more sensitive areas”, giving as an example of possible consequences “the increase in forest fires”. On the sidelines, the group has also insisted on the importance of maintaining rainfed agricultural crops, since their loss “can have negative impacts on the biological diversity of the mountains.”

Faced with criticism, the Councilor for the Environment, Eugenia Miguel, explained that “we needed a new location” and “the only possibility that meets all the characteristics is this.” Also, the mayor has ensured that the municipal technical report and the pre-report of the Department “is favorable” and that, therefore, the process continues its course.

Since the land is privately owned, the City Council has already started the appropriate expropriation process. “They are plots that only serve for public infrastructures”, so Eugenia Miguel has insisted that the negotiations with the owners “are advanced” and trusts that “the transfer can be consolidated at the end of the year.”

While La Carrasca has asked the management of the natural park to report “unfavorably”, the residents have met with the municipal corporation and representatives of the Terra Consortium, to whom “we have proposed alternatives”, as well as are organizing to start a collection of signatures next week and other mobilizations.

The neighbors, in addition, have requested to have access to the favorable preliminary report of the Conselleria, but they have been denied. They have also requested documentation from the City Council, without obtaining a response to date.


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