Tuesday, February 7

Released with charges the aggressor of the mayor of Casar de Cáceres

The mayor of Casar de Cáceres in a file image. / TODAY

He is a 40-year-old resident of the town, who yesterday afternoon appeared at the Civil Guard barracks, where a statement was taken and he went to court

The aggressor of Rafael Pacheco, mayor of Casar de Cáceres, is currently free with charges. He is a local resident, although he currently resides in Cáceres. He is 40 years old and his initials are JDI, as detailed by the councilor to this newspaper. The Civil Guard contacted yesterday, once the events occurred, with the man’s family, who lives in the town, so that the perpetrator of the attack voluntarily approached the municipal headquarters to give a statement. He did so and then went to court. He faces a conviction for an offense against authority, with a sentence of one to six years in prison plus a fine.

“I know him from the village, but I have never spoken to him. He is a person who had made references on social networks very close to the extreme right », indicates Pacheco. It must be remembered that the attack occurred during the visit to the renovation works that are being carried out in the Grandparents’ Square, the place where until recently the Cross of the Fallen was located, which has been transferred to the cemetery of the location. In fact, yesterday the mayor pointed out, by way of supposition, that the events could be motivated by this transfer.

As this newspaper has published, the aggressor hit the mayor in the face. “I was at the construction site and I saw this person approaching me and without saying anything he punched me in the face that made my glasses jump and I started to bleed from the nose,” Pacheco said yesterday. The events took place in the morning and in the presence of several people who were with him.

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The perpetrator of the attack did not say a single word with the alderman, and after hitting him he left again in his car, which he had parked badly to go to where he was. “He has not said anything, I have seen him approach and I thought that he would come to tell me something, but what he came to do was hit me,” explained the mayor. Pacheco had to be treated at the local health center, where they checked him out and gave him an approach point.


The alderman from Casar then went to the Civil Guard barracks to file the complaint, since it is a crime of attack against authority. Article 550 of the Penal Code specifies that “those who attack or, with serious intimidation or violence, oppose serious resistance to authority, its agents or public officials, or attack them, when they are in the exercise of of the functions of their positions or on the occasion of them.

In addition, it is added that the attacks will be punished with prison sentences of one to four years and a fine of three to six months if the attack was against authority and prison terms of six months to three years in other cases. If the authority against which the attack is made is, as in this case, a member of the local corporations, a prison sentence of one to six years and a fine of six to twelve months will be imposed.


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