Tuesday, May 24

Relief among teachers for delay in receiving doses

He did it before the teachers of Valencia who were waiting to be vaccinated at the Field Hospital of the aforementioned capital, and from there the news spread like wildfire among the WhatsApp groups of teachers throughout the province. What if they had stayed for the end and now look what happens. That if the organization by Education had been blown up and it will be difficult to redo it before the summer. Or that better this way because there was some concern … The comments kept social media red hot.

In fact, in the face of the initial concern that struck this newspaper in the morning among teachers who had to be vaccinated on Thursday, with doses that other countries were already questioning, the vast majority of teachers had put the responsibility of immunization first.

From the directors of schools and institutes they affirmed that very few teachers raised serious doubts and that only those with some pathology that were awaiting the answer of their respective doctor about the advisability or not of being vaccinated remained to be confirmed.

The official suspension of injections at 6.15 pm, -it was planned to vaccinate 4,770 teachers in Valencia-, ended up producing some generalized relief among the sector, and even thanks for an already forced wait. At the same time they confessed that they are aware of the possibility that they will not be immunized until this next summer.

The lack of another type of vaccine with sufficient doses for a group as numerous as teachers, who in three days (March 18, March 26 and 27) had to immunize 40,000 people in the province, including educators, monitors, drivers bus, concierge and cleaning service; and the requirement to organize their vaccination on the eve of holidays or Saturdays so as not to interfere with the day-to-day life of the classes, makes the reorganization of the process more complex, if possible.

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The whole process is delayed But, as they reflected in the afternoon, “this gives time to clarify the cases that have occurred” because “for fifteen days nothing happens,” they pointed out in another of the centers.

The discomfort that, on the other hand, was still evident in the morninga among those over 55, who are generally considered more vulnerable to covid, precisely because of their age, but that they were displaced, yes or yes, due to the ban on vaccinating them with the AstraZeneca, became in the afternoon solidarity. They transferred to this newspaper that in the end they will all be vaccinated at the same time, as an age group and not as a specific professional group, and with the same vaccines.

From the educational centers they await new instructions from those responsible for Education in this regard, while from the Ministry they refer to the measures decided by the Ministry of Health “which is the one that has the power” in terms of vaccination, as they specified to INFORMATION.

Only 200 students and 28 teachers infected

The incidence of the pandemic continues to decline in educational centers in the province

Throughout the province there are 200 students and 28 teachers infected by covid-19, according to data provided by the Ministry of Education and referring to the last week. With respect to the previous seven days computed, the incidence of the pandemic continues to decline, with one point less. 98.1% of the 638 schools and institutes do not have any closed classrooms and the previous week they were 97.2%. There are just a dozen centers with some contagion and isolated students in 14 classrooms, so in Education data “99.9% of the 16,700 classrooms in the province receive classes normally.” Therefore, it has returned to the first figures of infections detected by Public Health in schools and institutes during the first week of the course, with a barely testimonial incidence of the virus. In the Community as a whole, closed classrooms have decreased by 32% compared to those detected during the previous week, and the volume of centers without incidents due to coronavirus reaches 98.5% of the total, one point less than in the first week of March.

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