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Renault 4EVER TROPHY: nostalgia and versatility to recover another icon in electric car format

The Renault 4 is one of the most iconic models in the history of Renault. The firm is looking to its past to gain strength and push for an obligatory electrification that will also lead it to rescue its no less mythical Renault 5. Now, after many advances and assumptions, we have a clear idea of ​​what we can expect from the future. renault 4 electric.

Taking advantage of the opening day of the Paris Motor Show, Renault has made public its Renault 4EVER TROPHY, a reinterpretation of its classic model that draws on the essence that has made it famous since its launch in 1961. Versatility above any other concept ( beyond electric). Exactly what allowed it to compete with the Citroën 2CV as one of the most interesting models for those who wanted a “car for everything”, on and off the asphalt.

Renault’s strategy to recover past values ​​in its Renaulution is clear with its last two presentations. In the Renault 5 has opted for sportsmanship. In the Renault 4 a understated SUV body (4,160 meters long in its prototype), very usable in the city, although with a width (1,950 meters) and height (1,900 meters) that promise ample interior space.

signs of identity

“The electric Renault 4 of tomorrow aims to be as versatile as its predecessor was, and still is, from 1962.” These are words that the firm itself has released in its statement. The additions on the bodywork to transport, among others, a spare wheel, drink from that idea that the Renault 4 it was much more than a car to move on the asphalt.

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It is emphasized by its buggy aesthetic, with a very wide body, an overhang of more than 20 centimeters in its wheel arch, reinforced underbody to protect the battery from possible blows and, above all, the shovel and sand extraction plates that are included. on your tailgate. The prototype also mounts a visible compressor to adjust the tire pressure and adapt it instantly to each terrain. A nod to his competitive past.

R Dam 1441837

R Dam 1441324

Will we see an electric Renault 4 with these hallmarks so marked? Well, probably not, but it does make clear what is the idea that the French firm has for its electric model projects. Draw on nostalgia and, above all, take advantage of what can be useful in models adapted to today’s standards.

It is difficult for a new Renault 5 to bring with it the savagery of the mythical Turbo Cup, but it can bring a certain dose of sportiness to a segment (compact electrics) that is almost non-existent today.

R Dam 1441306

R Dam 1441273

The same thing happens with the Renault 4. An electric SUV with limited measures but wider and taller can be especially useful for families looking for a car to move around town. It is a proposal to which the Citroën ‘oli’ also points [all-ë] and that shows what we are talking about when we refer to a new multipurpose electric car.

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To get rid of doubts completely, we will have to continue waiting. The Renault 4EVER, which thus advances the firm that will be called the new model, we do not expect it until 2025, the year in which its commercialization has been considered.

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