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Renault Austral: the firm’s great electric bet will be manufactured in Palencia and will come with two large screens

It is not the first nor will it be the last. The Renault Austral It is the new French SUV that comes to replace the Kadjar. And it will do so with exclusively hybrid versions, both electric and mild-hybrid. Renault thus takes advantage of the new launch to place it only with electrified mechanics, as is already the case with the Kia Niro, for example. But, in addition, it comes with many other interesting attributes.

The Renault Austral, which will be manufactured in Palencia, updates and modernizes the image that the Kadjar had. Now, it maintains the C-shape in the headlights, like other models of the brand, but it will also have a striking front grille, a large central diamond and an imposing interior with the central vertical screen as a great attraction.

Technical sheet of the Renault Austral

Renault Austral

Body type.

Five-seater SUV.

Measurements and weight.

4,510mm long, 1,825mm wide, 1,608mm high. 1,373 kg of weight.


500 liters in the mild-hybrid versions and 430 liters in the hybrid version.

Maximum power.

200 hp in its hybrid version.

WLTP consumption.

From 4.6l/100 km the hybrid model and from 6.2l/100 km the 160 hp mild-hybrid.

Environmental badge.


Driving aids (ADAS).

32 ADAS driving aids. Emergency braking with cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control with lane keeping. Blind spot sensor and lane departure alert when overtaking. Safe exit of the occupants. 3D cameras with 360º.


Google integration in the R-Link operating system, with maps, voice assistant and own applications on Google Play. Sound Harman Kardon

electric hybrid

Yes, with mild-hybrid versions of 140 CV and 160 CV and electric hybrid of 200 CV.

Plug-in hybrid.




Price and launch.

To be confirmed. Orders will open in mid-2022.

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Google as the center of everything

Once again on a Renault model, the large center screen arranged in a vertical format, it is once again the protagonist of the interior. This measures 12 inches but, in addition, it is accompanied by another screen dedicated exclusively to the instrument panel of 12.3 inches in size and which lacks a visor, which offers a lighter interior. To avoid problems with the sun, the brightness is self-adjusting and the reflection index has been optimized. The driver will also enjoy a 9.3-inch Head-Up Display.

Renault Austral 2023 1600 22

Google is added to the control of the central screen. Maps, Google’s voice assistant or the availability of some applications to download from Google Play are integrated into Renault’s Open R-Link operating system. According to the brand, the distribution of all services have been arranged so that they are as easy to control as a smartphone.

Under the screen we find space for the wireless charging and two USB type C sockets. Also the physical buttons for air conditioning, something that always improves safety on board.

Safer and more electrified

Precisely, to improve safety, the 32 ADAS driving assistance systems that will be available with the Renault Austral arrive. These make it a level 2 semi-autonomous vehicle, taking advantage of adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, lane centering, blind spot and lane departure warning when overtaking, automatic emergency braking when reversing, safe exit of the occupants or 3D cameras with 360º vision.

In motion, in addition to the indications on the head-up display, you can also enjoy the Matrix LED Vision smart lights or MULTI-SENSE advanced technology, with four predefined driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Perso, the latter configurable. If you opt for the Extended Grip package, the Snow and All Terrain function is added, for more complicated terrain. Either of these modes can be accessed via dedicated buttons or by using Google’s voice assistant.

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Renault Austral 2023 1600 0d

To the previous driving modes we must add the 4CONTROL Advanced four-wheel drive control, an extra that acts on the rear wheels and allows them to turn by five degrees, improving its maneuverability in urban environments and its agility on the road .

If we talk about mechanics, the Renault Austral will only have eco label. The top-of-the-range option comes from the house’s signature E-Tech hybridization. With a 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, which combined with its electric motor can reach 200 horsepower.

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Under, two microhybrid versions. Access to the range is a turbocharged 1.3-litre four-cylinder, assisted by a starter alternator and a 12V lithium-ion battery, with a choice between 140 and 160 horsepower. Both versions will have an automatic transmission, but the most modest option can also be chosen with a six-speed manual gearbox.

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