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Renault awards Spain five new models within the most ambitious industrial plan in its history

Madrid / Palencia



The Palencia town of Villamuriel de Cerrato has hosted the presentation of the Renault Industrial Plan in Spain, a project considered by the diamond brand as “the most ambitious in the history of the automobile company in the country”, with which it hopes to promote economic recovery and strengthen the industrial fabric Spanish in the automotive sector. It supposes the creation of 12,000 million euros in value for Spain with the creation of 1,000 permanent contracts in the period 2021-2024.

Within the framework of this Plan, Renault awards a total of three new models for the Palencia Factory, two for the Valladolid Body and Assembly Plant, a family of engines for the Valladolid Engine Factory, and two new gearboxes for the Seville Plant.

All these awarded vehicles are hybrid models, so, according to Renault, not only guarantee the future of the firm’s facilities in Spain, but also introduces the plants in “the new era of mobility, making Spain an important pole of electrification.”

The Industrial Plan also includes a ‘Circular Economy’ project for the city of Seville.

King Felipe VI talks with the operators during the visit to the Renault factory in Palencia
King Felipe VI talks with the operators during the visit to the Renault factory in Palencia

According to the president and CEO of Renault Spain, Jose Vicente de los Mozos, «Today the Renault Industrial Plan is competitive, and has allowed Renault to gain great credibility in Spanish society. We are a French company that is seen as a local company ».

According to De los Mozos, «the Spanish they are waiting for companies to move us to overcome the current situation, and it is something that we see as an obligation “.

According to the manager, it is the most ambitious Industrial Plan that the brand has had in Spain throughout history «with new projects that speak of concepts such as the decarbonization of our factories and circular economy, being pioneers in the automotive industry in our country.

José Vicente de los Mozos, President and CEO of Renault Spain
José Vicente de los Mozos, President and CEO of Renault Spain

During the presentation, the CEO of the Renault Group, Luca de Meo, showed his “immense joy at being at the Palencia factory, one of the jewels of the Renault group, to make a historic announcement, making the Renault group a pioneer in the mobility portfolio.” The Plan comes to Spain thanks to the competitiveness of the Spanish plants “and largely thanks to the dedication of José Vicente de los Mozos, today our plants are at the forefront of the automotive industry and have highly motivated employees.”

According to De Meo, thanks to the new awards “we are getting into the most competitive auto segments From the market”. In addition, work will be done on new technologies related to connectivity, batteries, or hydrogen, introducing Spanish plants into the new era of mobility and making Spain “our pole of electrification and hybridization”.

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault
Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault

This plan «Also boosts the recovery of this country, since it brings employment and investment. Spain is key for Renault, and this plan rStrengthens Spain as the brand’s second home and it contributes to reinforcing the historical relationship between France and Spain. The ‘Renaulution Spain’ plan will generate more than 12,000 million euros of value for the next few years ”.

This business strategy is launched after the agreement reached between the management of the brand in Spain and the unions, which envisaged a more flexible working conditions in the three plants of Renault in Spain, conditional on the assignment of a new vehicle to Valladolid Assembly Body, additional to the current Captur; the award of the HR12 engine family for the Engine Factory; the allocation of a total of three XHN family vehicles for the Palencia factory; the award of a new hybrid gearbox for the Seville factory; the continuity of the Madrid headquarters and the continuity of the Engineering activity in Spain, both in terms of product and process. Some commitments that have finally been expanded with an additional model in Valladolid, and a second gearbox in Seville.

The act was attended by the king Felipe VI, the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, the Chairman of the Renault Group, Jean Dominique Senard, the CEO of the car company, Luca de Meo, and the worldwide industrial director and general director of Renault Spain, Jose Vicente de los Mozos.

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