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Renault creates Mobilize to achieve 20% of its income in electrification and services

Thanks to the use of the data, Mobilize can offer mobility, energy, financing, insurance, payment, maintenance and refurbishment services and reduce the cost of use for its customers

The electrification process, technologies and digitization are driving important changes in the automotive world. After the adaptation and presentation of new electric cars, the brands are committed to new models that allow them to maintain profitability. The future will not only happen by manufacturing and selling cars, but by offering a series of complete mobility services for each of the needs.

It is one of the objectives of Mobilize, the division of the group
Renault which, as announced by the company’s CEO, Luca de Meo, will account for 20% of Grupo Renault’s turnover in 2030. The manager has stated that this type of service currently accounts for 6% of Renault’s turnover. For De meo “this announcement represents another step in the goal of moving from being a traditional vehicle manufacturer to a technology and mobility company.”

Mobilize leads the transformation of the Renault Group to the new mobility value chain and confirms its objective of representing 20% ​​of the Group’s turnover in 2030. The objective is to have nearly one million vehicles in production for this division. 2030, with 70% of the same 100% electric compared to the 350,000 it currently has, of which only 15% are electric.

The CEO of the Renault group, Luca de Meo, at the presentation of the brand this Tuesday, has indicated that Mobilize will become the “pivot” for the transformation of the diamond consortium. A 70% growth in the number of financial services sold to its customers is also expected, reaching 8 million in 2030. De Meo has pointed out that Mobilize is “a new brand that is born from the reorganization of the group’s assets”

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“Mobilize sells services and not vehicles, which enables us to generate recurring revenue and lower running costs for our customers. We have decided to cover the elements of the mobility value chain with the greatest potential for growth and margin. Thus, based on an integrated software ecosystem, we offer a range of services ranging from financing solutions to insurance through energy and maintenance. The vehicle becomes a service platform that enables the turnover generated throughout its life cycle to be multiplied by three,” says Clotilde Delbos, Mobilize’s general manager.

The model presented this Tuesday is based on three pillars: an integrated software ecosystem, a range of specific vehicles, and a range of services suitable for each of the existing mobility needs.

Starting with the first of the points, Clotilde Delbos explained that the “software ecosystem” will allow the vehicle (Software Defined Vehicle) to offer all services to professional and private clients. This ecosystem will be supported by the already operational technological components of the Mobilize subsidiaries, through their subsidiaries and the Renault Group. This will allow the more than 600 developers working on this system to release a first version of Software Defined Vehicle from 2023.

But Mobilize also develops its own vehicles, 100% electric and specially designed for specific, shared and intensive use, from two-seater models designed for shared urban transport to models dedicated to last-mile transport with different capacities. According to Mobilize’s CEO, the goal is to “maximize the reduction of the total cost of use (TCU) for mobility operators. Five elements guide the design and engineering teams in its conception: sustainability, ‘Over-the-Air’ upgradability, easy clean-maintain-repair, reduced environmental footprint, and rich and compelling customer experience.”

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This offer will be completed by the third of the pillars, with financial services through RCI Bank, services related to energy and recharging to accompany its clients (mobility operators, fleet managers and individuals) at home, in the place and on the road, and data-driven maintenance and repair for predictive vehicle maintenance.

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