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Renewable energies, the energy transition

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two concepts linked to renewable energies. Two ideas increasingly established among the population, either for industrial or private implementation. Solar, wind, hydraulic or geothermal energy are just some of those that can be found and with which companies from Extremadura work for the benefit of their clients. The advantages are many, although the best known are usually two: environmental improvements and reduction of the electricity bill in particular cases.


Energy and digital transition in full explosion of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Creation of new, more sustainable and efficient production models.

Ingenostrum is an engineering company dedicated to developing the value chain of renewable energies. It is specialized in the most abundant resource: the sun and its application in all solar uses, wind and other renewable energies such as biomass and cogeneration.

This company, with headquarters in Seville and delegations spread throughout Extremadura, Madrid, Colombia and Brazil, began its journey in 2009 developing engineering for renewable energy plants of just over 1 MW in Spain, and they have finished the year 2021 exceeding the figure of 10,000 MW in engineering in Europe and Latin America.

Ingenostrum has a high degree of professionalism, 80% of its staff are highly qualified engineers, although they are not the only ones because their team is also made up of personnel in charge of management, business development, design technicians, administration or environmental. It also highlights the knowledge they have in all phases of the project, from the initial strategy and pre-feasibility to commissioning and optimized operation. They have unique success stories offering added value to your business by anticipating the analysis, design and development of utility scale projects worldwide. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of the development and promotion of large-scale projects with a strong commitment to new energy vectors, electro-intensive sectors and decarbonization of the energy matrix.

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In its raison d’etre there is a main objective which is to be a present and future part in the development and implementation of renewable energies in the world, but also to help the development of the photovoltaic industry by facilitating the supply of solar electricity at competitive prices.


Address: Avda. de la Constitución, 34, 1st Left. Zip 41001, Seville

Telephone: 34 955 265 260


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