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Renfe launches its new a la carte rate system for AVE and Long Distance

Renfe launches this Thursday, July 1, a new ticket purchase system that changes the current rates and classes of its AVE and Long Distance services, with the aim of offering customers greater personalization of the trip with new options on demand and that will also result in a price’s drop.

For example, the price of a trip by AVE from Madrid to Barcelona without special discounts will start from 27.25 euros, compared to the cheapest rate that can be found now and that starts from 32.65 euros, which is a discount of the 16.5%.

Similarly, A trip by AVE from Madrid to Valencia will start at a price of 18.5 euros, in contrast to the current 22.15 euros, while a journey between the capital and Seville will cost, in its cheapest version and with fewer services, 19.25 euros, compared to 23.15 euros today.

The new rates will be ‘Basic,’ Choose ‘and’ Premium ‘, From which the final trip can be configured according to what the client demands, such as the choice of ‘standard’ or ‘comfort’ seat, thus disappearing the current ‘Tourist’ and ‘Preferred’, although in the practice continue to differ.

The basic fare, the cheapest, includes a standard seat and does not initially allow changes, cancellations or choice of seat, but those interested will be able to purchase these options later.

The second of the rates, ‘Choose’, which Renfe defines as the “star rate” since it is the most configurable, will allow you to choose the type of seat, restaurant services, improve the options for changes and cancellations or buy a ticket for pets .

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The ‘Premium’, aimed at travelers who demand to have the widest range of possibilities, will have all the additional services included, including bringing a pet or the default ‘comfort’ seat.

Discount policy

The discounts will not only apply, as before, to the most expensive rates, but to any of them, so lFrom now on, prices will be significantly cheaper for the elderly, children and young people who are entitled to additional discounts.

In this way, the best price, for example for holders of the Golden Card, will start from 20.45 euros for a trip between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​compared to the price of 65.35 euros that this group of seniors now has to pay at a discount already included, or the 16.35 euros for children, as opposed to the current 65.25 euros for this same route.

Dynamic price management

The new system is part of the The company’s strategic plan planned between 2019 and 2023, with which Renfe intends to improve the quality of services, the experience of the clients and the efficiency of the resources and means used.

Before the pandemic, the operator had already restructured its commercial product portfolio, which went from seven to four products, maintaining AVE, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity – eliminating Altaria, Talgo and AVCity – and from four to three classes.

Now it has introduced new models for dynamic price management that allows each rate to be adapted to each customer segment, depending on the day, time and characteristics of each market, as well as to implement a customization of services.

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The objective is replace the previous rate system and classes with rigid prices and discounts with a completely flexible one to improve the quality of the offer and make it more competitive and attractive for travelers, as well as adapt to each market segment and act accordingly.

The company is also studying incorporating a reference partner to offer door-to-door luggage transfer, parking at the origin or catering services at the seat itself, paying an extra on the first two rates.

The cafeteria is back

On the other hand, as of this Thursday, July 1, Renfe also begins to restore the cafeteria and mobile bar services on the AVE and Long Distance trains, which were suspended on March 14, 2020 for health security reasons as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Renfe’s board of directors has already approved the award of the on-board services contract to Ferrovial, which had previously provided this service, for a total amount of 272 million euros over the next five years.

The tender was initially deserted due to lack of offers, so the public company proceeded last March to launch a new tender with a better economic offer, to which only Ferrovial was presented.


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