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Rent bonus for young people, it helps but it does not convince

The Royal Decree issued on January 18, which regulates the new youth rental bonus and the State Housing Plan 2022-2025 does not convince several generations who are aware of the Difficulties involved today in accessing a rental home, a much more viable option than buying a flat, for those who want to “fly out of the nest”.

With a more social vision, Belén Romero, 27, after having read the government measure and currently living for rent, asks the following. “Those young people who don’t have a stable job and want to emancipate themselves but the real estate agencies put obstacles in their way, what happens to them?” asks this social worker. «Those young people who do not have a permanent contract because they are only working temporarily to pay for their studies or because the labor market is currently not in favor of anyone and the contracts are temporaryAre you not going to be able to access a home and, consequently, the youth bonus? », he thinks.

double edged sword

Although he considers that the approach would be to change the legislation that regulates access to a rental housing, sees it well that they “think of us and help us but from my point of view I think it can be a double-edged sword, on the one hand it can produce a inflationary effect on house prices and on the other you can make it difficult for young people to emancipate for the requirements they ask for. You have to be realistic, accessing a rental is not easy », ditch.

High training, low evaluation

For Cristina Guilabert, access to housing for young people “is a problem already rooted in society, as is its cause, youth job insecurity and the consequence, the delay in access to the world of work, their emancipation and social participation” . With forcefulness, it exposes the reality of many people with degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates: “a low assessment of the very high training that I share with my generation that ends up leading to exile to become better valued emigrants in other countries, with much more structural unemployment. accentuated in the female gender and with precarious job offers with temporary contracts or internships; access to housing is scarce, if not null”, he says.

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This Infant teacher summarizes a scenario that, although unfavorable, captures the thinking of a generation, for which “access to rent implies the presentation of an indefinite contract, non-existent in our working lives until we are 30 years old or more”.

Is this bonus the solution? “It is a help but not the solution to a problem that goes far beyond access to housing.” Likewise, he reflects: “If we provide aid but do not solve the problem of youth employment or do not value Spanish talent and let it go, we will have a bigger problem in a few years as we do not have enough taxpayers.”

Although this bonus “represents a respite and a declaration of intent, it will be necessary to see if the government gets down to work to solve a basic problem that does not allow us young people to lead a normal life,” he says.

boost for young people

Sandra Candela is more positive about this Government measure. For this young journalist “this bonus is a good initiative and a very good way to promote and facilitate the independence of young people in our country given the economic and social situation that we are having to go through.

When it comes to putting it into practice, she is more cautious and believes that “we must wait to see how the public administrations begin to process and manage these applications and do not have the same delay as the resolutions of the Minimum Vital Income”, she agrees comparing both promoted initiatives by the current government.

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More employment plans

The youngest of this quartet is not against this youth rental bonus, but he does consider that “a youth employment plan that allows us the insertion in the labor market and be able to start trading as soon as possible, with non-temporary contracts or internships that, right now, is what you find in job offers».

For him, “it is help that always comes in handy but, even if we work, many of us cannot access a home because we do not meet the requirements that this law puts on the table,” he says.

Translating the thoughts of several of his colleagues, he clarifies that «the main problem is not to emancipate, but to be able to have economic security that allows us to have a retirement tomorrow and secure a pension. The inconvenience is not access to housing, it is the way to get there without help.

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