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Report that Trump’s Pentagon chief stopped the former president’s idea to send 250,000 soldiers to protect the southern border

While Trump was unable to mobilize the hundreds of thousands of troops, he did put the controversial Title 42 into effect.

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A report published by the newspaper The New York Times noted that former President Donald Trump had the idea of ​​sending up to 250,000 American soldiers to protect the southern border from undocumented immigrants, a decision annulled by him then Pentagon chief Mark Esper.

The controversial decision of Trump, which was born in the spring of 2020, generated that Esper deemed the plan “scandalous” and tried to do what he could to have it dissolved, the Times report said.

This plan would have been prepared by the former assistant to the Administration Trump, Stephen Miller, who was previously known for promoting extreme and controversial measures to end immigration into the United States, including separating migrant parents from their children.

In addition, the national security officers of the Trump administration They ignored the high command of the Pentagon, which was the office of Mark Esper, by bringing the idea directly to the military officers of the Northern Command. Esper also believed that the deployment of so many troops to the border would undermine US military readiness around the world, sources told the Times.

Yes OK Esper had not commented in public, in private conversations where he remained anonymous he claimed to feel “Enraged” with Miller’s plan, and later, after a brief but controversial confrontation between Esper and Miller in the Oval Office, the Pentagon chief put a stop to the idea of ​​sending the 250,000 soldiers.

Trump he had doubted after his advisers suggested that for most of the world, military raids inside Mexico might seem like USA he was committing an act of war against one of his closest allies, who is also his biggest business partner, officials said according to the report.

Finally, after such a request was denied, the Trump administration used the criticized public health rule to deny asylum, which is still in force called Title 42, in which it effectively closed entry into Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, a peak of the virus in the United States that year.

A new report revealed that through Miller and its allies in the Department of Homeland Security, tried to pressure the Pentagon high command to deploy more troops on the southwest border, a fact that when asked by The New York Times a spokesman for the general refused to comment.

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