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Reporter Alison Parker’s father filed a lawsuit against Facebook for failing to remove video of her 2015 murder

Alison Parker’s death inspired her father to write a book honoring her life in 2019.

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The father of journalist Alison Parker, murdered in 2015 while covering a banner, requested the Federal Trade Commission take action against Facebook for not deleting the videos of his death on that social network.

Andy Parker, father of the journalist, declared that Facebook violated its own terms of service by maintaining such videos, as did Instagram, facts that in his opinion “Glorify violence”, in addition to marking “liar” a Mark Zuckeberg.

“The reality is that Facebook and Instagram assigned the responsibility to the victims and their families to monitor graphic content, forcing them to relive their worst moments over and over again to stop the proliferation of these videos”, indicates part of the complaint.

The plaintiffs allege that Facebook engages in deceptive business practices by violating its own terms of service, as well as misrepresenting the platform’s security and how difficult it is for users to remove harmful content, he said. CBS News.

Parker’s death has served as the inspiration to write a book that was published in 2019 entitled “For Alison”, with the intention of honoring the life of his daughter.

“I wanted people to know something about Alison’s story and her accomplishments and the little things that she did that people didn’t know. I mean, the viewers saw it every day. They saw his smiling face, but there is much more there “Parker told WDBJ before the book was published.

He also referred to the award Emmy obtained in 2016 as the ‘Best Live Reporter’, And the prize Edward R. Murrow and how these achievements touched people. “The stories I heard after this event. The little acts of kindness he did, his mentoring. There were quite a few things that I wanted to share with the reader ”, he added.

On August 26, 2015, Alison Parker was doing a show with cameraman Adam Ward, who also died. while reporting for WBDJ, Afiliada de CBS Roanoke, Virginia the events of Smith Mountan Lake 50th Anniversary, when gunshots and screams began to be heard at the time they were attacked. Ward fell to the ground and was able to briefly capture the footage before he was killed.

The murderer was her ex-boyfriend Vester Lee Flanagan II, who was also a reporter for WBDJ, but had been fired in 2013. After committing the murders, he tried to flee, and after an intense chase, the policemen were found inside a car, killed by suicide.

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