Saturday, April 13

Republican women may be the real winners of the 2022 midterms

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What will we remember when we look back on the 2022 midterm elections? Will Nov. 8, 2022, be the election that the GOP reclaimed the House and Senate or that Democrats fended them off? Nail-biter finishes in state governors races?

Republican women candidates hope it’s the year they banded together, spread out their campaign cash, and unseated Democratic opponents.

But that task involves competing against oftentimes better-funded and better-organized Democratic women groups, USA TODAY political reporters Erin Mansfield and savannah kucharfound.

Hi, it’s Sean Rossman, USA TODAY Politics editor. I sat down with Erin and Savannah, who shared the differences between Republican women candidates and Democratic women candidates, plus which are the races to watch.

Here’s what they told me:

Sean:Republican women and Democratic women are approaching their races much differently. What stood out to you most?

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