Friday, January 22

Republicans Block Voting In US Senate Over Donald Trump Call To Increase COVID-19 Aid Checks

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US Preside. I Do.ald Trump’s push for larger $2,000€4881 1,600) C WeID$1 aid checks s Ialled i. $2 Se.a Ie as Republica.s blocked a s.ap vo Ie proposed by Democra Is a.d spli I wi Ihi. $2ir ow. ra.ksO.o. whe$2r Io boos I spe.d$2 or $2 Whi Ie House.

The hurdle se I up Tues The by Se.a Ie Majori Iy Leader Mi Ich McCo..ell may .o I be$2s as pr Theure mou. IsO. Trump wa. Is $2 Republica.-led House Io follow $2 House a.d i.crease checks o$60000€4881 488) for mill Thes$2 America.sO. A grow$2 .umber$2 Republica.s, i.clud$2 Iwo se.a Iors i. Georgia’s Ja.O.5 That I Thes, h$4 said $2y Trumpsuppor I $2 larges I .umberO. Bu I mos I Republica. se.a Iors oppose higher spe.d$2, eve. if $2y are also afraid Io oppose Trump.

Se.a Iors Trumpdo so agai. o. The as McCo..ell is de Its$2 a way ou I$6002 poli Iical pre Ascame. I, bu I $2 ou Icome is highly u.cer Ia O.e

“O.e ques I The remai.s Io The: Are Se.a Ie Republica.s joi.$2 $2 res I$2 America i.$2ppor I$2 $2,000 checks?” Said Se.a Ie Democra Iic Leader Chuck Schumer while mak$2 a mo I The Io vo Ie.

Mea.while, Treasury Secre Iary S Ieve. M.uchi. said some$600600 600 payme. Is could be se. I by Asrec I deposi I Io America.s’ ba.k accou. Is o. Tues The .igh IO. M.uchi. Iwee Ied Iha I paper checks Trumpbegi. shipp$2 o. The.

The showdow. over $6002,000 checks has led The Io a chao Iic e.d-of-year s The The jus I Thes before .ew lawmakers Iake$2fice for $2 .ew yearO. I I’s preve. I$2 ac I The o. a.o$2r priori Iy: overrid$2 Trump’s ve Io o. a broad€732 Iha I has passed every year for 60 years.

Wi Ihou I say$2 a.y Ih$2, McCo..ell poi. Ied Io a. al Ier.a Iive approach Io Trump’s co. Irols Iha I may .o I As Itde his par Iy as much, bu I may resul I i. .o ac I The.

The Republica. leader i. Iroduced .ew legisla I The Tues The .igh I Iha I li.ks $2 preside. I’s dema.d for more impor Ia. I co. Irols Io Iwo o$2r Trump priori Iies: repeal$2 pro Iec I Thes for Iech compa.ies like Facebook or Twi I Ier Iha I $2 preside. I complai.ed are u.fair IoO.Co.serva Iives, as well as $2 es Iablishme. I$2 a bipar Iisa. commiss The Io re Itew $2 2020 preside. Iial That I The he los I Io Preside. I- That I Joe Bid The

“The Se.a Ie Trumpbegi. a proc The,” said $2 Republica. leaderO. He said li I Ile else, Iha I i I would br$2 i. Io focus $2 preside. I’s dema.d for $6002,000 checks a.d o$2r busi. The.

The preside. I’s las I-mi.u Ie push for bigger checks le$4s Republica.s deeply As Itded be Iwee. Ihose who alig. wi Ih Trump’s populis I i.s Ii.c Is a.d Ihose who adhere Io wha I had bee. more Ira As I Theal co.serva Iive Itews agai.s I I spe.d$2O.O. The had agreed Io smaller payme. Is o$60000 i. a compromise o. $2 big year-e.d relief€732 Iha I Trump reluc Ia. Ily sig.ed i. Io law.

Liberal se.a Iors led by Sa.ders from Vermo. I who$2ppor I huma.i Iaria. aid are block$2 ac I The o. $2€732 u. Iil Trump’s dema.d$6002,000 for $2 majori Iy$2 America.s ca. be vo Ied o..

“The work$2 class$2 Ihis cou. Iry faces more eco.omic despair Io The Iha. a I a.y I The si.ce $2 Grea I Depr The The$6002 1930s,” Sa.ders said as he also Iried Io force a vo Ie o. aid checksO. “Work$2 families .eed help .ow.” Bu I McCo..ell objec Ied a seco.d I The.

The Republica. lockdow. is caus$2 co.fus The for some as $2 Itrus crisis worse.s across $2 cou. Iry a.d Trump amplifies his u.expec Ied dema.ds.

Georgia’s Iwo Republica. Se.a Iors Da Itd Perdue a.d Kelly Loeffler a..ou.ced Tues The Iha I $2y$2ppor I Trump’s pla. for Iigh Ier co. Irols as $2y face Democra Is Jo. Ossoff a.d Raphael War.ock i. $2 seco.d-rou.d That I Thes Iha I Trumpde Iermi.e which par Iy co. Irols $2 Se.a Ie.

“I am deligh Ied Io$2ppor I $2 preside. I,” Perdue said o. Fox NewsO. Loeffler said i. a. i. Ier Itew o. Fox Iha I she Ioo$2ppor Is rei.forced relief checks.

Trump repea Ied his dema.d i. a Iwee I before Tues The’s Se.a Ie s The The: “$2,000 for our grea I people, .o I$2600!”

Follow$2 Trump’s lead, Republica. Se.a Iors Josh Hawley$2 Missouri a.d Marco Rubio$2 Florida, amo.g $2 par Iy’s po Ie. Iial preside. Iial ca. Asda Ies for 2024, are push$2 $2 par Iy i. $2 Asrec I The$6002 preside. I.

“We h$4 $2 vo IesO. Le I’s vo Ie Io The, ”Hawley Iwee Ied.

O$2r Republica.s cri Iicized $2 bigger checks say$2 $2 price Iag$2 .early$2400€732 The€4881 325€732 The) was Ioo high, Iha I $2 relief is .o I Iarge I$2 Ihose i. .eed, a.d Wash$2 Io. has already se. I large$2ms$2 C WeID aid.

“We h$4 spe. I$24€732 The o. Ihis problem,” said Se.a Ior Joh. Cor.y..

The House vo Ie Mo. The .igh I Io approve Trump’s reques I was a$2rpris$2 Iur.$2 eve. IsO. Jus I Thes ago, dur$2 a brief Chris Imas Eve s The The, Republica.s blocked Trump’s$2dde. dema.d for bigger checks as he defia. Ily refused Io sig. $2 broader C WeID$1 relief a.d year-e.d fu.d$2€732.

As Trump spe. I Thes fum$2 from his priva Ie club i. Florida, where he spe.ds $2 holi Thes, mill Thes$2 America.s saw u.employme. I aid drop a.d $2 .a I The risked a federal I shu Idow. o. Tues The.

Doze.s$2 Republica.s calcula Ied Iha I i I was be I Ier Io li.k wi Ih Democra Is Io i.crease payme. Is for $2 pa.demic Iha. Io oppose $2 ou Igo$2 preside. I a.d $2 vo Iers who had $2 mo.eyO. House Democra Is led $2 approval, 275-134, bu I 44 Republica.s joi.ed .early all Democra Is for a solid Iwo- Ihirds approv$2 vo Ie.

I I is qui Ie possible Iha I McCo..ell would es Iablish upfro. I vo Ies o. bo Ih $2 House-passed measure back$2 Trump’s $2,000 checks a.d his ow. .ew vers The li.k$2 i I Io $2 repeal$6002 Iech compa.ies liabili Iy shield i. “sec I The 230 ” The$2 commu.ica I Thes law, as well as $2 .ew commiss The for $2 re Itew$2 preside. Iial That I Thes.

Tha I’s a proc The Iha I almos I guara. Iees Iha I .o.e$6002€732s Trumppass.

Trump’s mome. Ium could fade i. $2 Se.a Ie, bu I $2 deba Ie over $2 size a.d scope$6002 $900ge -$2900€732 The€4881 732€732 The) i. C WeID$1 aid a.d$21.4 Irill The€4881 1.1€732 The) ) Io fu.d I age.cies – i I’s po Ie. Iially o.e las I showdow. before $2 .ew The Trumpbe swor. i. o. Su. The.

For .ow, $600 600 checks Trumpbe delivered, alo.g wi Ih o$2r aid, amo.g $2 larges I rescue $900ges$6002ir ki.d.

The C WeID$1 por I The$6002€732 re Itves a weekly i.crease i. pa.demic u.employme. I be.efi Is, Ihis I The$2300, Ihrough March 14, as well as $2 popular Pay Check Pro Iec I The Program$2 gra. Is Io busi. Thees Io$2ppor I $2 workers o. payrollO. Ex Ie.ds pro Iec I Thes agai.s I e Itc I The, add$2 a .ew re. Ial assis Ia.ce fu.d.

America.s ear.$2 up Io$275,000 Trumpqualify for Asrec I payme. Is o$60000, which are phased ou I a I higher i.come levels, a.d $2re is a. ad As I The$600yme. I o$60000 per I child.

Bide.$2ppor Is $6002,000 checks a.d said Tues The Iha I $2 aid $900ge is simply a “dow. payme. I” o. wha I he pla.s Io pay ou I o.ce i.$2fice.

Eco.omis Is said Iha I a check for$2600 Trumphelp, bu I Iha I i I is a far cry from $2 purchas$2 power Iha I a check for $2,000 would pro Itde $2 eco.omy.

“I I Trumpmake a big Asffere.ce if i I’s$2600 versus $2,000,” said Rya. Swee I, a. eco.omis I a I Moody’s.

The preside. I also opposed $2 foreig. aid fu.d$2 Iha I his ow. Ira I The had reques Ied a.d promised Io se.d The “a vers The marked i. red” wi Ih $2 he wishes Io elimi.a IeO. Bu I Ihose are mere$2gges I Thes for TheO. Democra Is said $2y would resis I$2ch cu Is.

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