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Republicans in New York State Assembly present resolution for impeachment of Governor Cuomo

Republicans in New York State Assembly present resolution for impeachment of Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo insists that he will not resign and that is why Republicans are pushing impeachment against him.

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The Republican minority in the New York State Assembly presented a resolution on Monday to begin a impeachment process for impeachment (‘impeachment’) against Governor Andrew Cuomo, increasingly questioned, even within the ranks of his own Democratic Party, after the outbreak of several scandals, mainly complaints of sexual harassment.

“We are going to present this resolution because we believe that the time has come. To lead this great state a governor needs to have credibility and trust and unfortunately we believe that the Governor has lost that and no longer has the ability to lead, “said the leader of the Republican minority in the state Assembly. Will Barclay.

In an announcement on social media, Barclay alluded to the bad managing New York nursing homes during the pandemic, which is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Cuomo Administration accounted for only half of the deaths in nursing homes and the other half were recorded as dead people in hospitals. His advisers have ensured that it was done so that they were not double counted and to avoid being investigated by the Government Department of Justice of President Donald Trump, with whom Cuomo had a direct confrontation.

Likewise, the Republican leader mentioned the accusations of workplace harassment and threats made by Cuomo’s party colleagues and the allegations of sexual harassment made by five women, including, former collaborators of the Governor, which are also being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Now we have 30 members of the majority of the Assembly who are saying that the Governor should resignBarclay said in reference to Democratic lawmakers who have raised their voices against Cuomo.

The latter was the Democratic Majority Leader in the State Senate, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, which on Sunday added his voice to those urging the governor to present his resignation.

“Every day we have a new story that moves away from the affairs of the Government. We have allegations of sexual harassment, a toxic work environment, loss of credibility around nursing home data during Covid-19 and questions about the construction of a major infrastructure project, ”Stewart-Cousins ​​said Sunday.

Regarding the harassment cases, Cuomo apologized last week for the comments that made these women feel “uncomfortable”, but denied having touched any woman inappropriately, refused to resign and asked to wait for the results of the investigation in course.

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