Friday, September 24

Residents and merchants ask the bipartisan to remove the traffic from three streets of Benalúa

The text, which makes a detailed tour of the deficiencies of the Alicante neighborhood, makes eight specific requests to the municipal government led by Luis Barcala. Some of them could be of more immediate execution, while others depend on other public administrations and are embedded in more ambitious projects due to their duration and high budget.

Between the requests from neighbors and merchants from the central neighborhood A triple pedestrianization stands out: Carratalá street (“paying special attention to the market environment to restore the character of a social nucleus”), Pérez Medina and Arquitecto Guardiola (to promote Navarro Rodrigo square). They also propose interventions to the members of the municipal executive to “homogenize” all areas of the neighborhood, along with the execution of the pedestrian walkway in the Renfe car park (“to alleviate demand”). In that area, they also insist on the importance of promoting the execution of the Central Park, which continues to advance but at a very slow pace. Currently, we are waiting for the hired writing team to present a proposal that will have to be presented to the public. The residents of the area ask that the works begin before 2025.

On the other hand, from Benalúa they demand the renovation of the neighborhood’s perimeter avenues, alluding to Aguilera and Professor Soler, together with Óscar Esplá and Santa María de Mazzarello. This project is not new to the Alicante City Council. In fact, Urbanism and Traffic is working on a project to redevelop and redistribute traffic on two of the main entry routes to the center of Alicante from the south. The approximate costs that are handled are not minor: there is talk of more than 20 million euros to act on both avenues, making one of them as an entry and the other exit.

The residents and merchants of Benalúa, on the other hand, also ask for improvements in the junction of the Plaza de la Estrella. But the proponents not only speak of actions in traffic and urban planning, but also in housing. They not only focus their demands on improving the permeability of the neighborhood, with measures that reduce the space of the private vehicle, also reducing the speed of road traffic, “not using the neighborhood roads as a shortcut or alternative way of passage.” They also insist on the eThe aging of the population in the area, in a neighborhood without a social center.

This issue worries the City Council, which is working on an alternative that has been very successful in Plaza América, with intergenerational housing. From the bipartisan they assure that the project is on the table. All that remains is to provide it with a budget: about 8 million euros are needed. The initiative, with three floors with 78 homes for the elderly and young people, is planned on a municipally owned plot on Catedrático Soler avenue, in front of Benalúa Sur. More than 15,000 people live in the area, of which almost 40% are over 65, according to Compromís, a group that insists on the need for this type of equipment for the neighborhood.

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