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Resounding success of ‘eWoman Business’, the key event to carry out projects and business ideas

The question is not who is going to leave me, it is who is going to stop me ”. This phrase by the writer Ayn Rand could well have inspired the eWoman Business, the online event aimed at professional women that took place yesterday in Madrid based on a strong idea: moving forward to achieve your dreams, those who carry out personal projects, those who make business ideas come true.

These are the premises of eWoman Business, an event organized by Woman, Womenalia and Iberian Press, which will be broadcast in streaming next Wednesday, October 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The meeting has been organized by the magazine Woman, Womenalia and Iberian Press, so it had the presence of Javier Moll, president of this communication group. eWoman Business, thanks also to the sponsorship of Madrid Emprende, Correos, EY, Mastercard, Naturgy, Hiscox, Armani Beauty and Toyota, It was structured in several discussion tables focused on the topics that it advanced Arantza Sarasola, Vice President of Iberian Press, in the presentation of the event: equality and female leadership, the resources we have for the economic recovery after the pandemic, the challenges of sustainability and the new technological challenges.

Marta Echarri, General Director in Spain and Portugal of Banco N26; Chus Escobar, partner responsible for the Public Sector of EY Spain and Kike Sarasola, president and founder of Room Mate Group.

Are we emerging from the crisis caused by the pandemic? In what direction is our economy going? There was some optimism in the responses given to these questions by the speakers at the first roundtable, moderated by Chus Escobar, partner responsible for the Public Sector of EY Spain. There is trust and there are investments. Marta Echarri, General Manager in Spain and Portugal of Banco N26He pointed out that foreign investment in our country reached a record figure in the first half of this year. In fact, since 2015, entrepreneurship has multiplied by five, despite the impact of COVID-19. Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate GroupHe was also optimistic about a recovery that, he said, is reaching the service sector in general and the tourism sector in particular very quickly. However, both highlighted the main obstacle in our economy: the lack of digital skills in the labor market. “We did not find enough talent in the technological area,” Echarri assured. Sarasola insisted that more technical training is needed, but he also wanted to value what he called “human sustainability”: ensuring that workers feel motivated and cared for by the company.

José D. Bogas, CEO of Endesa; Natalia Latorre, President of Shell Spain; Begoña Gómez, Director of the Extraordinary Chair of Social Transformation at the UCM. Director of the Africa Center of the IE Foundation; Lara de Mesa, Global Head of Responsible Banking / ESG at Santander and Susana Rubio, Director of Digital Payments and Innovation at Mastercard Iberia.

Begoña Gómez, director of the Extraordinary Chair of Social Transformation at the UCM, introduced and led the following panel, on the inescapable commitment of companies with sustainability. “Today, no business strategy will be successful without a social impact strategy. In other words, there are no profitable investments if one is not ethical, if a gender perspective is not integrated and without a commitment to the circular economy ”, stated Gómez. All the participants who accompanied her shared this idea. José Damián Bogas, CEO of Endesa, outlined his company’s goal of obtaining 80% of its energy from clean sources by 2030. And regarding their diversity policy, she commented on the employability programs for women that they have launched in rural areas. “We aim for 40% of our senior management positions to be female by 2030,” he said. Natalia Latorre, President of Shell Spain, another of the speakers. But to achieve parity in companies it is very important to encourage more women to dedicate themselves to technical careers ”. The same commitment to climate sustainability and gender equality showed the other two members of this panel: Lara de Mesa, Global Head of Responsable Banking del SantanderHe explained that his bank considers renewable energies and female entrepreneurship as priority investments; and Susana Rubio, Director of Digital Payments and Innovation at Mastercard Iberia, a company that has 33% senior managers, showed as an example of the involvement of its company against climate change the development of a calculator so that its customers know what the carbon footprint generated by their purchases is and how to compensate it.

Azucena Hernández, CEO of EUROCYBCAR and CEO of Grupo CYBENTIA; Natalia Rodríguez, Telecommunications Engineer specialized in AI. Founder and CEO of Saturno Labs; Fatima Iglesias, journalist; Nerea de la Fuente, Technical Underwriting Director of Hiscox and Montserrat Peidró, General Director of Also Cloud Spain. | DR

Anyone who has a business or is thinking of starting a business must add the security of their systems to their concerns. It is vital to preserve data and know with whom it is shared. This is what the table that discussed the balance between technology and security was about. Four experts: Azucena Hernández, CEO of Eurocybcar; Natalia Rodriguez, CEO of Saturn Labs; Montserrat Peidró, general director of Also Cloud Spain, and Nerea de la Fuente, director of Technical Underwriting at Hiscox, they insisted on the dangers of the attacks of the crackers, often turned into veritable mafias that live on extortion. A joint conclusion: we must be aware of the risk and have the advice of “bodyguards” to safeguard the business activity.

Paz Torralba, Director of Beauty Concept; Yolanda Sacristán, Managing Director at The NewsRoom Digital Group; Mayka Sánchez, director of Woman Madame Figaro and Juan Avellaneda, Creative Director of Avellaneda. | –

The effects of the pandemic have been very present in all the panels. One of its few positive consequences has been the drive for digital transformation in companies. The following discussion table gave the fashion and beauty sector as an example. Moderated by Mayka Sánchez, director of Woman Madame Figaro magazine, the three speakers he counted on agreed on the excellent results of their online offer in this time of confinement and social distance. “We had to find solutions, so that in addition to improving the delivery time of our digital store, we developed a diagnostic and advisory service through mobile phones,” he explained. Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept beauty centers. Yolanda Sacristán, CEO of The News-Room Digital Group, aimed at creating meeting points between media and brands, pointed out that more than ever it detects that everything revolves around online customer service, that they feel well treated, that they serve them immediately without having to endure invasive communications. “That contact, that closeness, and the ability to adjust the products to the fashion client’s taste has made my firm come out of this crisis strengthened,” said Juan Avellaneda, creative director of Avellaneda. Interaction on social media is essential, he said, to immediately respond to customer demands. In summary, the digital transformation must face two challenges for the sector: personalization and speed.

Ángel Niño, Head of the Delegated Area of ​​Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Ana Costi, Amazon Marketing Director; Elena Gómez del Pozuelo and Cristina Aristoy, Founder of Singularu. | –

The last two panels were more specifically dedicated to female entrepreneurship and the role of women in business. Elena Gómez del Pozuelo, President of Womenalia and CEO of Baby Friendly Companies, pointed out that more female references were needed to encourage other women to make their dreams come true. With her were three experts who gave advice on how to achieve it. Ana Costi, Marketing Director of AmazonHe pointed out that behind 35% of the SMEs that operate on his platform is a woman and invited more to contribute their projects and participate in his training programs. Ángel Niño, head of the Delegated Area of ​​Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, offered the Madrid Emprende platform to bring business ideas there, where their viability will be assessed, they will be able to find a space to develop them, professional advice and even the necessary investment. AND Cristina Aristoy, founder of Singularu, a small jewelry design company, summed up his experience of success in two pieces of advice: dare, because, even if your business does not prosper, you will have achieved a great learning; And be flexible, adjust your project to what the market really ends up demanding of you.

Begoña Villacís, deputy mayor of Madrid; Fernando Garza, director of El Periódico de España and Victoria Gámez Simarro, Director of Technological Solutions at Naturgy. | –

Finally, the eWoman Business closed two women who know well what it takes to progress in the business world. Victoria Gámez, Director of Technological Solutions at Naturgy, defended gender quotas and the essential implementation of strategies that achieve the internal promotion of female talent. Finally, Begoña Villacís, Deputy Mayor of Madrid, left a strong message: inequality exists and we cannot consider any progress achieved so far as achieved. In addition, she stressed that motherhood and work-life balance continue to weigh down the careers of many women, and that can only end when fathers are as involved in work-life balance as mothers

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