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Rest in peace Glady Cáceres! Famous Venezuelan actress who participated in the soap opera “Amor Descarado”

The Cuban-Venezuelan actress of radio, film, television and theater Gladys Cáceres, who received the nickname of the “Lady of the theater”, died this Sunday in Miami (USA) at the age of 97, according to family sources, who did not detail the cause of death.

“Today a light from the theater, television, radio and cinema has transcended forever. An actress’s trunk, a silent philanthropist (…) First actress, mother, grandmother fly high… ”, her son Vicente Passariello wrote on social networks to announce the death of the artist.

Likewise, his niece, María Cáceres, picked up on Twitter the death of the actress born in Santiago de Cuba in 1924.

“Today my aunt Gladys Cáceres passed away. She was 97 years old and an actress until the pandemic stopped her. She was ‘discovered’, literally, walking through Cuba and spent a large part of her career on Venezuelan television, ”said her niece.

Cáceres arrived in Venezuela in 1953 and had an important career “in which she highlighted her role as Gómez’s sister, in the production of José Ignacio Cabrujas,” according to the Venezuelan press.

With an extraordinary talent for singing, dancing and acting, Cáceres was born in La Maya, near Santiago de Cuba, and when he moved to study pedagogy in Havana he joined the University Theater group.

He acted with the Mario Martínez Casado theater company, with which he left his country, and starred in “SOA” (Without another last name), in 1951, the first Cuban film made outside of Havana, produced and directed by Sergio Miró and Rodolfo Hernández Giro, according to Venezuelan media.

“In March 1953 I left Cuba for Venezuela, hired by the MM Casado company. I arrived when television was beginning in that country, “recalled the actress in an interview published in 2017 on the Cuban affairs blog” Gaspar El Lugareño. “

“After the theater season, I did not want to return to Cuba, I stayed and started working at Televisa, as the company that was taking its first steps was called at that time ”, pointed then.

According to the artist, she decided to settle “permanently in Caracas when I married Vicenzo Pasariello, an Italian who did not speak Spanish; and I didn’t speak Italian: love things! He died on January 18, 1980. We had three children: Nicolás, Duilio and Vicente, ”Cáceres explained in the same interview.

According to the same source, the actress, who confessed to suffering “stage fright” in each function until “I barely say the first parliament”, he performed in New York and Paris, among other cities.

Since 1999 she lived in Miami, where she remained active participating in short plays such as “Gardel’s widow” and “Although they call me crazy.”

The character that she had yet to play and that “would have made her very happy”, in her own words, is Joan of Arc.

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