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Results of the first round of the elections in France 2022

The second round of france elections in 2022 is approaching and the citizens will have to decide who they choose to run the elysee for the next five years. On Sunday, April 24, the current president, Emmanuel Macronand the extreme right Marine LePen they will face each other at the polls to lead the Gallic country.

Macron and Le Pen were the most voted candidates in the first round of the presidential elections -held on April 10-, although the far-right was not far from being out of the race to reach the Elysée, after the great comeback of the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Specifically, the current president French was made with a most comfortable victory of which the last polls of the first round anticipated -which pointed to a tight duel between the pro-European and the extreme right-wing candidate-. Finally, Macron got the 28% of the votes.

In fact, the tighter matchup occurred between Le Pen and the candidate of the Untamed France, Jean-Luc MélenchonThat approached the sorpasso after his support multiplied during the campaign. However, as the forecasts foresaw, the leader of the National Regrouping She was the second most voted candidate by French voters and won the 23.3% of the votes. For his part, the ecosocialist melenchon got the 20.3% of the votes.

Vote concentration on the left and extreme right

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Along the same lines, the useful vote of the left was concentrated in Mélenchon, which left the other candidates with progressive programs without options. Specifically, the green candidate Yannick Jadot received the 4.6% of the votes and the communist Fabien Roussel got the 23% of the votes. Likewise, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgoachieved the worst result of the French Socialist Party, with the 2.1% of the supports; while the two Trotskyite hopefuls had less than 1% –Philippe Poutou with a 0.8% Y Nathalie Arthaud with a 0.6%-.

For her part, the Conservative candidate Valerie Pecresse was the fifth in discord when receiving the 4.8% of the votes; while jean lassalle -the other right-wing candidate- won the 3.2% of the votes.

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