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Retired Muface officials without vaccination due to bureaucratic problem: “They have bad data”




Questions about the lack of vaccination of civil servants over 80 years old accumulate in Muface (the General Mutual Society of Civil Servants of the State of Spain). Its users, normally attended by private health, should be being summoned to receive the long-awaited jab against the coronavirus. In return, they see how their fellow men receive it and they continue to wait. In the CSIF are tAll the alarms turned on. They point to a problem of coordination between administrations that may be leaving out a particularly vulnerable group.

The data of retired officials should have passed from Muface to the Autonomous Communities, with the intermediation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Territorial Policy. But for weeks now, many relatives have seen that the process that does not advance. «They are people over 80 years old, some large dependents, whose relatives have verified that your data is wrong, such as the contact telephone number», Indicate union sources. In other cases, the data does not even appear in the vaccination lists of the health centers.

“There are concern that the situation becomes general», Acknowledge CSIF sources. The group is made up of 83,444 officials over 80. The Ministry of Territorial Policy, responsible for Muface, ensures that the data of the mutualists have already been sent to the autonomies, and insists that they are in charge of the vaccination campaign. “Once in their possession the data of the mutualists, it is each Community who defines the criteria and procedures to carry out the summons and consequent vaccination,” they point out from the ministry.

Although the problems have been recorded in various communities, the ministry does specify a delay: that of Madrid. They claim that “due to technical problems in the Community” the records were sent for the second time on March 1. “In short, the body to which they should go to check when they are going to vaccinate the mutual community is the Ministry of Health itself,” they point out.

The version of the Madrid counseling is very different. They did make a second request for data, but the reason was – they clarify to ABC – in the deficient of the registry, since the addresses were incomplete and the telephone numbers did not appear in a significant number of users.

In the CSIF they do not understand that Muface does not even state the problem and he takes responsibility for himself. The only move that has been made so far has been the launch of a data update campaign requested by letter, by email and by social networks. Hence, also, the concern they show in the union, since they believe that the media employed may have left out the oldest.

Meeting with Iceta

“We don’t know the volume or the scale.” of the problem, CSIF sources acknowledge. For this reason, they have requested data on the vaccination of the group from Health and Territorial Policy, for now without an answer, but it will be one of the issues that they will raise tomorrow in the first meeting that they will hold with Minister Miquel Iceta. They will also claim to know if a system has been implemented to control the correctness of the data.

They have done the same from the PP parliamentary group, whose deputy spokesman Carlos Rojas, along with other PP deputies, have presented a battery of questions to the Government in which they ask to clarify how officials are being included in the different groups of vaccination. In addition, they ask to explain if the Executive is sure that the Muface data has arrived correctly at the health centers and if checks are being made.

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