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Retirement: The payment will arrive from March to 4,500 pensioners from Extremadura

Contributory pensions have already increased by 2.5% with the beginning of 2022. / TODAY

Those who have retired early between 2002 and 2021 are entitled to receive it

Jose M. Martin

The amounts vary between 4.56 and 82.62 euros. It is a payment that some retirees from Extremadura will already receive on their March payroll. Not all, only those who have retired early between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2021.

Of course, in addition, they must meet a series of requirements, such as having contributed at least 44 and a half years. This supplement that is included in the pension reform promoted by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, aims to compensate those retirees whose benefit would have been higher if the system of reducing coefficients that is in force had been applied to them since 2022.

Depending on the deviation that occurs in each pension, the income they will have on their payroll as of March will be higher or lower.

The measure in Extremadura will benefit less than 4,500 pensioners. The calculation made by the Ministry at the national level is that there are 237,500 people who meet the temporary requirements, but about 24,000 already currently receive the maximum pension, so they are not entitled to the payment. As there are also retirees who have not suffered a loss due to the application of the old coefficients, the estimated figure is that 180,000 people are entitled to the supplement.

That number represents a little less than 2% of total pensions, so transferred to Extremadura, where there are 232,105 pensioners (according to Social Security data for February), this number is close to 4,500.

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It is not the only good news for retirees in 2022, which has already begun with an increase in pensions to deal with inflation. An increase of 2.5% of the contributory and 3% of the non-contributory that, however, pensioners consider insufficient. The CPI closed 2021 with an increase of 7.1 in Extremadura and the index for the first month of 2022 was 6.5 points higher than the previous year. This means that pensioners have lost purchasing power and the platform for the defense of the public pension system continues with its demonstrations in which they demand, among other things, that there be no pension below the minimum wage.

112 euros for maternity

Finally, and with the aim of reducing the gender gap that exists among pensioners, Social Security has established an extra payment that can amount to up to 112 euros.

94% of its beneficiaries will be women, but it can also reach some men. It is a compensation proposed for those who were not contributing for a while due to maternity and that has reduced their current pension.

The payment will not be paid by default to pensioners who meet the requirements, but must be requested. Only those who receive a contributory pension and have dependent children can do so. The amount they will receive will be 28 euros per child up to a maximum of four children, so it will range between 28 and 112 euros.

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