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Revenues double after the holidays and Health plans to reopen the medicalized hotels

Transfer of a covid patient to the University Hospital of Torrevieja |

The Generalitat is raising have medical hotels again in case the health system is unable to cope with the incessant trickle of new covid patients. At the same time, it has started conversations with private health to have more resources and beds to face the third wave of the pandemic, that scales its most acute phase without having shelved the second. In the province of Alicante there are already 717 hospitalized for covid, 128 of them in the ICU. A figure that doubles that registered by health centers just before the start of the Christmas holidays: on Tuesday, December 22, there were 353.

The unions, for their part, indicate that the use of field hospital enabled next to the General Hospital of Alicante It should be the last resort. “It is not prepared for the cold or for the heat and could take in mild patients if they cannot stay at home,” as Comisiones Obreras and CSIF agree to underline. The Alicante General Hospital currently has almost the same number of patients with coronavirus as during the first wave of March-April, although the same union sources clarify that now there are more personal means and material resources, with which it has a margin of 20% more capacity.

The General of Alicante registered in March a maximum peak of 113 admissions to the ward and 27 to the ICU, keeping only 40 plant beds and 4 ICU beds unoccupied. Yesterday afternoon I had 132 covid patients in total: 23 are from the ICU. Health sources also fear that the peak of this third wave will arrive at the end of January or the beginning of February and that it will be necessary to finally resort to “home confinement, if we want to avoid the total collapse of the health system.”

Three plants

The situation in the Vega Baja Hospital in Orihuela it is also very complicated. Revenues have skyrocketed in recent days, which has forced the center to set up a third wing to accommodate coronavirus patients, in addition to the two that have been welcoming patients with covid for weeks. These are the three plants that the contingency plan that the hospital was forced to implement due to the rebound in cases in the second wave of the pandemic contemplates. 77 people are admitted with covid in the regional hospital, 17 of them in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 60 in the plant. Until Tuesday there were 50 people admitted to the plant, in the two enabled wings, but the increase in admissions in the last two days has forced the hospital center to divert the new admissions to the third floor prepared in order to accommodate another twenty of coronavirus patients, so there is still room to avoid collapse. However, in the case of the ICU, in view of the rapid growth in income and in view of the forecast that their number will only increase in the coming days, the regional hospital has enabled new spaces in which to house critical patients . Thus, two operating rooms have been converted into ICUs, in addition to resuscitation areas. Of the 17 patients who remain under surveillance in the ICU of this hospital center, two have been referred to one of the operating rooms, the one enabled for serious patients with coronavirus. While in the other operating room there are those admitted with other pathologies that also require intensive care, currently four. The suspension of all non-urgent operations allows the use of some operating rooms to be occupied by new admissions.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to worsen in the Elda Health Department after Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and the Three Kings. The number of patients admitted for covid-19 in the Elda General University Hospital It ranges from 70 to 80 on the ward and in the ICU there are another 15 in critical condition. These figures are similar to those registered in the Middle and Alto Vinalopó regions during the first week of last November. The contagion curve continues to grow although it does so progressively.

Welfare pressure on the rise in the Virgen del los Lirios de Alcoy

The situation in Hospital Virgen de Los Lirios de Alcoy It has worsened compared to the beginning of the week. Right now there are sixty-five people admitted to the ward with covid, and eight in the ICU. There are three serious patients in the Intensive Care Unit more than last Monday. However, sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that the center has capacity for a maximum of 82 patients with coronavirus, after the reinforcement carried out after the first wave of the pandemic, so that, despite the increase in pressure, the panorama still « It is not delicate at the moment.

27 new patients in three days in Elche alone

The two hospitals in Elche take on 183 patients with covid, 26 of them in ICU

The data from the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus in Elche during the first days of this newly released 2021 are still very negative. Proof of this is that, in the last three days, 27 new income from covid has been added in the two hospitals in the city. Predictably, the third wave is making itself felt in Elche territory after the meetings and excesses committed during the Christmas period. In total there are 165 those admitted in the municipality as a whole, for the 138 that were at the beginning of this week.

As for the most serious cases, those in the ICU, the figure has not changed and there are still 25 people. In the breakdown by health centers, the figures released on the morning of Thursday 7 by the Elche City Council indicate that there are currently 91 patients admitted to the ward in the General Hospital and 13 in the ICU, while a new death has been registered.

For its part, the Vinalopó Hospital, managed by Ribera, currently registers 49 admitted to the ward and 12 to the Intensive Care Unit. Health officials insist in any case on the need to take measures to avoid contagion, especially when it is known that the British strain is already in Elche, where there have been at least two cases, and that it is easier to get it .

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