Friday, July 30

Reviewable permanent prison for the mother who killed her son in Almería

Civil Guard agents, at the gates of the scene

Civil Guard agents, at the gates of the scene

The Third Section of the Provincial Court of Almería has sentenced to reviewable permanent prison Ana María BL, the woman who was found guilty by a popular jury of the murder of her 7-year-old son Sergio, in Huércal de Almería, to do “the greatest possible harm” to the father of the child.

The sentence, made public this Friday, condemns the woman for a crime of murder, with the concurrence of the circumstance aggravating kinship and extenuating confession, which also deprives him of the right to reside in Huércal de Almería and Alcolea (Almería), as well as any place where the child’s father, two uncles and paternal grandparents reside for 30 years. Likewise, a 1,000-meter restraining order for 30 years regarding said persons and the measure of probation for five years.

The woman has also been sentenced to three years in prison for a crime of mental injury to the father of the child, with the prohibition of approaching him at less than a thousand meters for five years, and a year and a half in jail for the crime of attacking agents of the authority. In terms of civil liability, he must compensate for moral damages and mental injuries with 300,000 euros to the parent, with 160,000 euros to each paternal grandfather, and with 90,000 euros to each of the child’s two uncles.

The ruling recalls how the woman maintained a relationship analogous to the matrimonial one with Sergio’s father, the child being born in August 2012, as well as that at the time the events occurred, the judicial attribution of custody and custody was pending. of the minor. The woman lived with her son in Huércal de Almería and on October 10, 2019, around 9:00 a.m., when the child was lying on the bed in the main bedroom, “in an innocent, trusting, unprepared and oblivious way. intentions of his mother “, “deliberately, suddenly and suddenly, she placed a cloth loop on her son’s neck and squeezed until he was suffocated”. The little boy died of anoxic anoxia.

The jury considered it proven that the woman was aware of her superiority over the child, due to the difference in age and body structure, as well as that “took advantage of trust that he had the least and his physical superiority over him “.

Then he went with the boy’s body to Las Norias de Daza, in El Ejido (Almería), where he requested help from his father’s ex-partner, who alerted the Civil Guard. When the agents tried to intercept the car in which he was traveling with the body, stopping him on “repeated” occasions, he disregarded their orders. Likewise, when one of the guards stood in front of the vehicle, “with clear contempt for the authority he represented, tried to run him over on several occasions“.

The ruling includes how by killing the child “he wanted, consciously and voluntarily, to cause the greatest possible harm to the child’s father”, being “aware that killing the minor increased the suffering of the parent, impairing his mental health. “He recalls how the jury considered it not proven that when the events occurred he had an acute and transitory psychotic disorder.

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