Wednesday, June 16

Rezusta’s bravery can with Bengoetxea VI

Beñat Rezusta is in Manomanista’s quarters on his own merits. Second defender who reaches this phase of the competition and claims that the bodyguards also have a place. The one from Bergara played a very serious duel yesterday against Bengoetxea VI in the Bizkaia fronton and will face Elezkano II on Friday in Idiazabal. The Gipuzkoan’s bravery had its reward against a rival capable of entangling anyone, but who had to kneel. That of Aspe disarmed him with a brilliant performance in which he was always very clear about how he had to play, and in which he was not daunted at the time of finishing the goal.

Bengoetxea VI

Serving numbers: 2


Serving numbers: 1



Total time:

58′ 44


3-0, 3-1, 4-1, 4-4, 7-4, 7-11, 9-11, 9-12, 10-12, 10-17, 13-17, 13-19, 14-19, 14-22


Match behind closed doors at the Bizkaia fronton.


No corridors.

His great physique was also largely to blame. Quick on his legs, Rezusta did not suffer too much in the lateral movements that his rival forced him to and, being a closed left-handed man, he knew how to exploit his right to perfection. Bengoetxea VI started strong, but did not manage to uncomfortable Rezusta more than in the first part of the contest. In the second, the one who wore blue went from less to more and had the situation quite controlled.

The Gipuzkoan chose to subtract to the boat because with the blow he treasures he could remove a lot of ball, but the first three goals fell on the red side. However, the defender maintained his benefits and little by little he began to cut the disadvantage because he served well and prevented his rival from taking the game to the happy tables. He tied the duel at four, but he still had to fight because at this point in the crash the Navarrese maintained his freshness and took air again after Bergara’s left a couple of drops to the lower part of the mattress (7-4 ).

Shot of seven

It was from then on when the Guipuzcoan put the direct. He recovered the serve after a downward error from Bengoetxea VI and began to command in the game after taking advantage of his punch to perfection. A shot of seven goals served him to corroborate his feelings on the court and gain confidence. However, he did not manage to disconnect Leitza, who played his cards and shortened the difference (10-12). By then, 154 balls had already been crossed and fatigue began to weigh on the veteran. Rezusta took advantage of the circumstance to mature the goals and, at the moment he had the opportunity, to drop a left or two walls that had no response. He reopened an important hole that gave him a lot of air, while the Navarrese began to run out. But he pulled caste and managed to chain a small streak that brought him closer to four (13-17).

He could not go much further because Rezusta maintained his constancy and clarity of ideas so that Bengoetxea VI was more aware of defending than of anything else. Thus he hit the final thrust to a tough game from which he comes out strengthened.

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