Thursday, January 21

Ribera Salud enables the download of the PCR result on the mobile

The YoSalud mobile application, where the results are communicated.

The YoSalud mobile application, where the results are communicated.

Eliminate the uncertainty of users who are waiting for the doctor’s call to communicate the PCR result Y unload the physicians of this «administrative bureaucracy». This is the objective of the initiative promoted by the Vinalopó and Torrevieja hospitals, which from today allows patients to consult the results of the coronavirus tests through the YoSalud application, the portal developed by the concessionaire of both centers, Ribera Salud, to facilitate communication between patients and health personnel. The computer system will upload every day, first thing in the morning, the results of the tests that arrive from the Alicante hospital laboratory, so that patients will be able to see immediately if they have been infected or not, without having to wait for the doctor’s call .

The system will generate a PDF with the laboratory report, which can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Until now, the results were communicated by doctor’s call or by SMS. Through this new system, users can directly access the report and print it. Thus, as explained yesterday from the department, if the patient sees the result first thing in the morning, he knows that it will not arrive until the next day, so the uncertainty of being on the phone to know the result is over.

The call will come, yes, if the user is positiveTherefore, the entire protocol established with the Ministry will be activated so that the family doctor carries out the tracking of the cohabitants with that person, at the same time that Public Health will be informed to proceed to follow up on close contacts.

From Ribera Salud they indicated yesterday that in this way the administrative work is also greatly streamlined, since those who have activated the YoSalud they will know, as soon as the laboratory tests arrive, their result.

To find it, the user must access their identified access, either through the mobile application or the web portal, and access the health folder section. The report will be in the “analytical” section, where the results of cytologies, blood tests, urine, or any other test requested by both family doctors and hospital specialists are also posted.


From Ribera Salud they recalled yesterday that the service also allows many other functions that facilitate user interactions with healthcare personnel. Chatting with the doctor and nurse of reference is one of the possibilities best valued by patients, which allows the resolution of doubts and the resolution of doubts without the need to travel. Another great advantage is that users can download their X-rays to their mobile devices and download medical assistance documents directly from their mobile, without having to go to the Admission service.

Also as a novelty, the mobile device will notify patients when they arrive at the hospital which consultation they should go to without having to register their arrival at the entrance cashiers.

An average of 200 to 300 tests per day in each center

The Vinalopó and Torrevieja hospitals carry out an average of 200 to 300 CRP each day Through the different health centers and the hospital itself, as reported yesterday from the direction of Ribera Salud, the service concessionaire. The tests continue to be sent to the Alicante laboratory, lacking its own machinery. Thus, the results take 48 to 72 hours to be available in the case of non-urgent tests, hence the importance of speeding up the communication of these results through the mobile application.

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